NexOptic (OTCQB:NXOPF) is an imaging AI company which offers world-leading patented and patent pending AI solutions for imaging. The company has developed two products – Aliis and Doubletake – for “forging unprecedented solutions for image communication”. The company announced on September 14th that it has begun “a new phase of advanced build into Qualcomm’s camera firmware” supplementing earlier news that has contributed to NXOPF stock’s recent uptrend. 


NXOPF has gained many new shareholders since September 2nd when its stock began appreciating. From September 10th to September 14th, NXOPF’s PPS increased 37% from $.36 to $.49 following its announcement regarding the next phase of commercialization for its machine-learning AI suite – Aliss. This product provides instant enhancement to images and videos through patented and patent pending solutions which can be integrated with smartphones, smart security cameras, and other IoT devices.

Given this innovative technology, NexOptic’s Co-Founder and CEO, Paul McKenzie, shared that, “We’re at the beginning of a paradigm shift within the entire imaging industry whereby camera platforms are increasingly becoming AI centric on the device itself”. He added that NXOPF is well-positioned to become “a major contributor in the AI on device trend”.

However, investors’ interest in NXOPF is fueled by more than these recent announcements. NXOPF also boasts partnerships with two prominent NASDAQ companies: Nvidia (NDVA) and Qualcomm Incorporated (QCOM). These tech powerhouses offer NXOPF a myriad of opportunities for growth. Already, NexOptic has the potential for deeper integration into Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon chipsets. It has also developed its own NVIDIA Jetson based evaluation kit (EVK) “that select prospective customers are utilizing”. 

Now that NXOPF has secured the support of these partners, the company is excited to share a demonstration of Allis’ capabilities. For this reason, the company has engaged a leading engineering and software development company to develop its Aliis Android demonstration app. At the same time, it is developing a secondary website for this product which is expected to launch soon.  

In addition, NXOPF was recently granted a patent for NexOptic’s “Low-light” class of algorithms. These algorithms aid in “recovering image and video signals in low photon environments”. But the company has plans to file for more as its technology continues to develop.

It is important to note that Aliis was developed on Arm – a neural network for processing real-time images and videos. However, in September 2020, NVIDIA agreed to buy Arm Holdings from the Japanese conglomerate SoftBank Group. Given NXOPF’s close relationship with NVIDIA and Arm, there is a potential for synergy between all three companies.

Media Sentiment

As @nxtplse puts it, NXOPF is one major contract away from a major runup.

Technical Analysis

In the runup NXOPF reached a resistance point of .6425 before settling at its current trading value of $.54. This puts its immediate support level at .36 and .24. Accumulation has remained high despite the slight drop off on September 15th. The RSI hit 87 in the runup before decreasing to 55. A bearish crossover occurred on the 15th and the indicator has down trended since with no sign of an upcoming crossover.

Should you Buy?

NXOPF stock shows a lot of promise given its partnerships with NVIDIA and QCOM. The stock has enough catalysts to set it off in the near-term but also presents an advantageous investment for the long-term as well. As its revolutionary product becomes operational and situates itself in the imaging sector, the company could become even more well-known. If investor excitement continues to grow as these catalysts play out, the stock could hit its July 2020 high of $.94 in the run up.


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