After almost two months of radio silence, petroleum penny stock darling AGYP is back and pumping its way to a new tomorrow. Yes you heard it folks, Allied Energy Corp. (OTC: AGYP) has finished up their surface hole from August and is pumping hard. Making up for lost time, the dedicated AGYP team which has forgone salary bonuses and accepted unsecured, non-interest bearing convertible notes rather than cold hard cash for their salaries. Now this dedicated team is working overtime to bring liquid gold from the Earth’s cavernous depths. 

An Oil Company that Works

Releasing electrifying videos straight from the Green Lease site, this company is proving their word is as good as petrol. In three heart-stopping videos, the company shows its pumpjack going strong with the steady rhythm of a machine set to bring shareholders a presumably considerable ROI. Despite grainy footage, any potential investor can see the value harbored at AGYP’s very own Gilmer Lease disposal well. Of course this tantalizing display of real-world action is only a taste of whats next to come. Thankfully the company won’t leave shareholders in suspense, already promising “Further updates forthcoming this month”.

While the OTC investor community hangs on each mouthwatering AGYP update, the stock has risen notably – likely stimulated by investor action. Since our last exciting update on the penny stock of the future, AGYP stock has accumulated an incredible $.02 – a 6.6666% change. But there’s still more to come from this high potential proven reserve oil producer.

According to recent reports, this petrol penny stock star is both volatile enough and shorted enough, that its become an OTC short squeeze candidate. While the doubting Thomases may be many, loyal AGYP shareholders have the potential to squeeze out the shorts who clearly don’t appreciate AGYP’s considerable potential. Whether AGYP becomes the next BBIG remains to be seen; but come rain or shine – squeeze or no squeeze – AGYP will remain committed to the “sourcing and supplying of petroleum resources to the market by exploiting existing shut in wells”. 

Unlike other oil companies that are just after the money, AGYP’s mission is “to revive resources using sustainable systems, treasure people and the planet” all by building the company with “strong shareholder growth”. This service hasn’t gone unnoticed and AGYP’s company structure will likely bring its goals to fruition in the years to come. As it stands, AGYP is situate to become a notable marginal well producer using “America’s true strategic petroleum reserve” to supply our country’s considerable energy needs. 

Media Sentiment

A loyal AGYP shareholder – @H4N_50n – knows a bona fide petroleum producer when they see one.

Technical Analysis

AGYP stock chart

Trading at $.327, AGYP recently pumped itself up to a notable $.37 on September 3rd before losing some of its gains in the days following. Like oil seeping back into the ground, the stock returned to its September 2nd value of $.30 before investor confidence revived the stock – bringing it to its current value. This puts its immediate support near .317 and its secondary support at .305. The stock’s resistance point appears near .34. Accumulation fell limply after swelling on September 3rd when the RSI hit 67.84. Now sitting at an ambivalent 50.82, the RSI’s pullback is expected after such increased buying. Following a bearish crossover on September 7th, the MACD has declined but remains on the upside and appears poised for a potentially bullish crossover.

Should you Buy?

The glories of petroleum have yet to be matched by alternative energies. Given the current international climate, the attractiveness of domestic oil producers cannot be overstated. Drilled in America, by Americans, and for Americans – AGYP has an appeal that few other patriotic petroleum penny stocks can boast. For investors bullish on oil’s future, the question of an AGYP runup is not if but when.


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