This article is going to share with you one of the best penny stocks of 2021. It’s not always easy knowing what direction your investments are going to take but it can be helpful if you know about opportunities that others don’t. That’s why we’re here!

The OTC world has been in a frenzy the past few weeks. There have been some huge runners that have had major catalysts. Specifically, we have seen stocks that have had custodianships, reverse mergers, and good share structure plays run hundreds, even thousands of percent recently. 

But what if I told you that I found one that could be just as good, if not better when all of the news is released? That stock would be the ticker symbol FBCD. Let us dive into why this one could be huge.

Why FBCD is One of the Best Penny Stocks of 2021

SSM Monopoly has taken custodianship of FBCD. They are a company that focuses on turning delinquent tickers into stocks that have real value. SSM Monopoly uses reverse mergers to turn these private companies into public ones that are not only thriving, but also have a large amount of cash, assets, or very high valuations.  The company has done various mergers that have over one-hundred million dollar valuations.

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FBC Holding Inc. is next in line for this prestige. They have not only a fantastic share structure, but also a confirmed reverse merger that has all big OTC investors lined up. Krisa Management LLC has stated they have access to the OTCMarkets webpage, and will be uploading filings very soon. After this happens, we will see pink current status achieved, and then the big reverse merger. Their president, Carey Cooley, has an immaculate track record with taking control of companies and turning them into healthy, and very profitable institutions that have their own legs to stand on. 

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Recently, FBCD has updated its current OTC markets profile to meet the new standards of the company. They use words such as, “bolstering the balance sheet through big acquisitions and investments.” The main goal of Carey Cooley and SSM is to create maximum value for shareholders. They will be doing anything possible to have a large amount of assets on the balance sheet. As previously stated by the company, they have zero intentions of any dilution, reverse splits, or any change of share structure which would affect the price of the stock. 

Krisa Management and SSM Monopoly have recently done the same process for ticket symbol, AVVH. The same series of tweets was sent out, and investors dug deep to find out that the AVVH merger could be worth over 500 million dollars! This is a big reason that everyone, including myself, believe that FBC Holdings (FBCD)  could reverse merge into a company of the same caliber, if not more. Carey Cooley wants to create these huge valued companies in order to give us investors the best value for our stocks. Their track record is immaculate and speaks for itself. 

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As if any more confirmation was needed, the profile for FBCD also includes a website, When you interact with the website, it states “Coming Soon.” This bit of information is one that I believe puts to rest any speculation investors have. The name of the website confirms the merger will be happening, and it’s only a matter of time. 

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In the matter of technical analysis, FBCD has been in a healthy uptrend for some time now. It is always creating higher highs and higher lows, while respecting EMAs during its run. With filings, merger news, and big news in general, this one is earning its spot amongst the best penny stocks of 2021. 

As of now, we do not know what company will get the honor of obtaining FBCD, but that should be coming in the next few weeks. SSM Monopoly does not do any bad work, and maximizes shareholder value in every stock they take control of. 

What will the reverse merger be? When will it happen? We will know at any moment. Buckle up folks, this one should be fun. 


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