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PBYA Stock Jumps On NFT Bandwagon

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken the education industry by storm. Despite its tragic consequences, many online platforms took the opportunity to expand their market for unprecedented gains, and some education stocks are still capitalizing on this change today. UpStryve, formerly known as ProBility Media Corp. (OTC: PBYA) is doing exactly that by delivering a full-service training and career advancement brand for vocational and skilled trades. It’s NFT plans designed to facilitate the company’s educational goals has caused a slight uptick for PBYA stock which could continue to build.

PBYA Stock News

Upon its acquisition of Upstryyve Inc., the company saw a rough increase of 48% and continues to display serious growth potential as it provides services to various customers and capitalizes on lucrative industries. Additionally, earlier this month, the company announced it is venturing into the world of NFTs – which garnered major interest from investors and led to an overnight increase of 31%.

Since the start of the pandemic, PBYA has been able to capture the growing demand for online education platforms, making them one of the many education stocks on the rise after the switch to online learning. According to its corporate updates and annual report, PBYA has managed to reduce its debt by $8.1 million which is a good sign for the company’s financial situation. 

On top of that, PBYA closed its acquisition of Upstryve Inc – the global leader in online tutoring for the vocation industry – last August.  In light of its acquisition, PBYA has announced its name change to “Upstryve”. As is, PBYA owns four brands – Upstryve, One Exam Prep, North American Crane Bureau Group and Disco Learning Media – that collectively own 500 test prep courses, 600 self-study books and teaches over 1,000 annual virtual classes.

Last Quarter, One Exam Prep, witnessed a growth of over 500% in its online learning and virtual programs as well as a reduction of over $12 million in its operating losses. Meanwhile, another subsidiary – North American Crane Bureau Group – has made significant progress in cornering the crane, hoist, and safety training market. The NACB, which conducts over 400 safety programs each year, recently announced new customer contracts including Ford, Tesla, BAE Systems, Dominion Energy and other Fortune 500 companies. As production picks up across the country, these services are likely to experience increasing demand as well.

With this growth, the company is positioned to expand and venture into the lucrative industry of digital assets. In 2018, through its Disco Learning Media subsidiary, PBYA collaborated with Discovery Education (NASDAQ: DISCA) and Minecraft Education (NASDAQ: MSFT) to develop career-connected learning resources. The company realized the massive influence NFTs can have in connecting enterprise clients with rising trade professionals.

With that in mind, the company announced a roadmap for the anticipated launch of its NFT series. The company intends to mint and sell a limited number of NFTs to trade with business owners. Upon their release, collectors will be allowed to hold their unique piece in both their digital and physical portfolios. These NFTs will act as tickets to PBYA’s exclusive events hosted by figures in the trades industry. Additionally, they will give owners access to proprietary marketing resources and connect them with some of PBYA’s top mentors through forums.

Cesar Valencia, PBYA’s Business Development Manager, highlights this project’s potential saying, “The same way the company will continue to grow in new offerings, expansion of resources and value, so will PBYA’s NFT benefits”. The company’s CEO also added that “with this unique offering and exclusive benefits, desire for the NFT should be in demand and the value should appreciate over time”.

To facilitate this growth, PBYA recently announced its intention to file a S-1 registration statement and become a SEC reporting company. According to PBYA’s President – Noah Davis – the company has “attracted a lot of attention from larger investors, analysts and the press and many have communicated to us that they can be interested in supporting us if we are fully reporting.” Until then, the company has assured investors it will continue to file unaudited financials with the OTC Market. 

Internally, the company has also appointed people to several key positions as PBYA expands across continents and industries. With a market cap of almost $38 million and 5 billion authorized shares, PBYA’s stock is trading at only $.0032, and is definitely one of the education stocks to keep an eye on.

Currently, bullish investors are looking forward to January 14th when PBYA plans to release its financial report. Given its digital marketing deal, recently published testing materials for electricians, and plans for strategic acquisitions, PBYA may show excellent results for the quarter.

**Update On January 19th 2022

As previously promised, PBYA recently released its latest financial report detailing a successful quarter. The report highlights the company’s $2.48 million in assets along with a net income of over $550,000 – a significant increase from a net loss of $622,000 in the year-ago period. The company also reported a notable reduction of $1.2 million in its convertible notes and has plans to continue reducing them throughout the ongoing quarter.

This success could be partially attributed to PBYA’s new contracts and skilled trade partnerships. The company’s most promising partnership is with the Build Show Network – which creates high-end construction videos that has a viewership of thousands of traders nationwide. With this partnership in place along with several other, PBYA is well-positioned to deliver on its goals in the trades industry.

In terms of its NFT plans, PBYA is already preparing for the launch of its first NFT series. The series is designed with two tokens that include utility related to trades career advancement as well as a digital art collection that adds a virtual component to the popular stickers collected by industry professionals.

To continue delivering shareholder growth, Davis believes that “the best way to create value is to put ourselves in a better exchange.” In light of this, Davis joined Stock Day host Everett Jolly to discuss the potential of an OTCQB uplisting for the company. He highlighted the company’s efforts to “improve the balance sheet, increase revenue, cut overhead to produce operating profits and finally file audited financials in order to make us eligible for various benefits of a reporting public company,”

Media Sentiment

Investors like @WhalePenny appear bullish on PBYA following the release of its latest report!

Technical Analysis

Currently, PBYA is trading at its support of $.0026. The stock shows a primary resistance at .0032 as well as a secondary resistance at .0035. Accumulation has been fluctuating for a while, however it is currently approaching a downward trend. Meanwhile, the RSI is at 32 and continues to trend downwards indicating the stock is oversold. Additionally, the MACD is on a recent bearish crossover.

Even though PBYA is currently trading at its support, these indicators show that the stock might continue to trend downwards. However, PBYA has a number of impending catalysts that could push it past its resistance of .0035. In light of this, this recent dip could be a good entry point for bullish investors.

PBYA Stock Forecast

Given the growing demand for online learning, PBYA’s business model presents a notable upside. The addition of its NFT series could be very lucrative for PBYA considering their real life benefits that come with owning a token. While PBYA has no immediate catalysts, PBYA stock could be one of the education stocks to keep an eye on as the education sphere continues to rebound from the pandemic’s affects. Based on the management’s promise of no dilution or reverse split, investors can feel confident holding PBYA stock as it executes its plans for 2022.

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