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PDSB Stock – Twittering Misinformation

PDSB stock

Stocks are reflections of human interest, and as such they are not paragons of truth. A single strand of misinformation could have catastrophic implications for a stock, which is what happened to PDS Biotechnology Corporation (NASDAQ: PDSB). After an allegation concerning the validity of its trial results was circulated online, the stock sank 51%. That said, the allegation was retracted and social media commentary is reflecting a growing understanding of PDSB stock’s predicament. As is, PDSB stock could be a promising rebound play. 

PDSB Stock News

Recently, PDSB released interim data for its phase 2 PDS0101 trial for treating metastatic head and neck cancer. The data showed an 87% overall survivability (OS) rate of 12 months which is extremely promising. Keeping that in mind, the interim data presented also demonstrates that PDSB has developed extremely efficient T Cell technology which raises the bar for its other trials while elevating PDSB stock’s notoriety in the eyes of biotech investors.

When PDSB’s integrity was put in question it lost credibility in the eyes of many investors which caused them to sell in mass out of concern that the stock might plummet. After the stock fell 51%,  the perpetrator of this slander retracted his comment and deleted the tweet in question. Thankfully, as more light was shed on the issue, biotech investors are likely to regain their interest in PDSB stock. 

Looking to address these allegations, PDSB is set to execute a conference call on June 6 in which it intends to review and discuss its trial results. This move is likely to reassure investors especially if PDSB provides a meticulously detailed review of its interim data. In light of this, PDSB stock could be one to watch closely as it could rebound to its pre-dip levels soon given its low float of 29.3 million.

PDSB Stock Financials 

According to PDSB’s Q1 2023 report, total assets decreased QoQ from $77 million to $68.4 million. This decline in total assets is mostly attributed to its cash balance which decreased from $73.8 million to $65.1 million. That said, PDSB’s liabilities also decreased markedly from $33 million to $27 million which is mostly due to its current liabilities decreasing from $9.8 million to $4.1 million.

PDSB’s total operating expenses increased YoY from $8.4 million to $9.4 million mostly due to PDSB’s many ongoing clinical trials. That said, net loss reflected operating expenses by increasing from $8.4 million to $9.6 million.

Media Sentiment

@Pharmdca shedding some light on PDSB slander. 

@Biotech_SD is watching PDSB stock closely for a rebound.

Technical Analysis

PDSB Stock Chart

PDSB stock was in a bullish trend trading in an upwards channel. That being said, PDSB broke its channel after the sell-off on the false allegations. While the stock may create a new channel, PDSB may retest the lower trendline soon to confirm breaking the channel first. Looking at its indicators, PDSB stock is below the 200, 50, and 21 MAs. However, the RSI is oversold at 28 and the MACD is curling bullishly which might indicate a rebound soon.

PDSB Stock Chart

As for the fundamentals, PDSB recently released very promising Interim results for its PDS0101 phase 2 trial in head and neck cancer treatment. Additionally, more light is being shed on PDSB’s slander, which in turn is promising since it means that the stock could be on the verge of rebounding. Keeping that in mind, the current PPS could be a good entry point in case PDSB rebounds soon as it might result in substantial gains.

PDSB Stock Forecast

A single slanderous tweet caused PDSB stock to fall 51% in a single day. As a response to the plummeting stock, many biotech investors ventured into Twitter to correct the misinformation circulating online. Additionally, PDSB scheduled a conference call on June 6 to explain its trial results. As more light is shed on the situation, PDSB stock could be a worthy candidate for a rebound play.

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