SSM Monopoly Corp, which seeks custodianship of distressed companies in order to restore shareholder value, took custodianship of Newron Sport (OTC: NSPT) and All American Pet Company, Inc. (OTC: AAPT) earlier this summer and is signaling rapid progress in the likely merger process for both. SSM has brought AAPT current with the OTC Markets, while NSPT seems to be lagging slightly behind. Regardless, both appear to be promising penny stocks for 2021

SSM has a proven track record of successfully turning delinquent companies around by finding appropriate private companies that would benefit from going public through these shells, and this legacy has inspired investor confidence. According to their website, they are currently working on a number of tickers and have overseen the successful custodianship process of another stock we wrote on – Gemz Corp’s (OTC: GMZP).



Specializing in patented inline skates, NSPT has improved designs with innovative ideas in sport. However, under SSM’s custodianship the potential for a merger or acquisition has reinvigorated interest in the shell company.

The recent disclosure of the attorney letter and quarterly reports, have sparked even more excitement regarding the potential shift to pink current. The major attraction of NSPT, which has exponentially increased in recent days, is the cancellation of 2.15 billion shares as per the Attorney letter released on September 17th. These shares are evenly owned by Robert Ritondo (NNM Management, Inc.) and Moin Mirza, both of which cannot be located. This has sparked excitement amongst investors, hence the upward trend that NSPT stock has been witnessing.

As it stands NSPT has a market cap of $5.982 million. Between NSPT going Pink and then moving on to the merger phase, NSPT has a lot for investors to look forward to.


According to a September 14th press release, AAPT has formally introduced its new management. Kareem Mansour is the official CEO and acting director of the company, and Dr. David Chong has been appointed the new CFO of AAPT, stating that he is looking “forward to helping shape the future of this Company into a success story for shareholders”.

As of September 17th, AAPT has become pink current and has since shared that it is currently in the process of completing its due diligence on a merger candidate. Investors are now speculating what sector the merger candidate may be in as investors wait for more news from AAPT’s management. Both Dr. Chong’s positive outlook and the anticipation surrounding the announcement, have excited investors – driving the stock to make substantial gains over the last few days.

Media Sentiment


Its tough keeping up with those late night filings @cctrades


@ChaseMacTrades, AAPT had a great day last Friday, but will its streak continue?

Technical Analysis

penny stocks for 2021 NSPT stock chart

Despite hitting a low of $.0005 earlier in the month, NSPT stock has more than doubled in value and is currently trading at $.0012 today. NSPT’s support stands at .0005 and shows a resistance level at .0027 Accumulation remains steady, and the MACD indicator is bullish with no sign of a negative crossover in the near future. The RSI currently stands at 54.77.

penny stocks for 2021 AAPT stock chart

Currently trading at $.0202, accumulation has leveled out since the runup. The MACD is on the upside but appears poised for a bearish crossover while the RSI rests at 60.63. Its most immediate support level shows at .017 with a secondary support at .014. The stock’s new resistance level is at .0215.

Should You Buy?


Despite its recent disclosures showing signs of change for NSPT, the stock overall seems to be caught in a downward trend. Earlier in September, and prior to dropping its disclosures with the OTC, the stock was valued at $.0027 – more than double its current PPS. Therefore, for bullish investors this may be a good entry point for accumulating NSPT stock before a potential runup once the company becomes current. Considering that the OTC may process its paperwork in the next few days, NSPT will likely blow through its resistance level of .0027 soon.


As for AAPT, the stock recently became current – driving it to a new 52 week high in the runup. AAPT has the potential for another runup with merger news from the company which could drove the stock past its high of $.0236


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