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Aspiring to become a renowned eSports leader, GGtoor, Inc. (OTC: GTOR) is capitalizing on the industry with Pokemon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, and Clash of Clans tournaments. Through its subsidiary – Shadow Gaming, GTOR focuses on creating gaming opportunities for eSports enthusiasts around the world. As the company announces its ventures into crypto and the metaverse, GTOR is quickly becoming one of the penny stocks to watch this year.

GTOR Stock News

Even though COVID-19 negatively affected hundreds of industries, the online gaming sector saw immense growth the past couple of years as a result of lockdowns. With this in mind, last June GTOR formerly known as Sports Venues of Florida, Inc. changed its name to reflect its new direction in the eSports industry. Through Shadow Gaming, the company is dedicating its efforts to become the most comprehensive gaming portal out there. Currently, GTOR is upgrading its portal to provide a wide range of opportunities for players and organizers to empower and partner with them in organizing events and playing the games they love.

Ending the year on a high note, GTOR reported its 2021 highlights – notably exceeding shareholders’ projections. Throughout the year, the company held more than 120 tournaments with over 40 thousand players and 165 thousand Twitch viewers. With a massive database of over 24 thousand emails, GTOR managed to break its monthly record almost every month. In light of that success, the company’s social media presence grew drastically, the Twitter account has attracted more than 140 thousand visits and over 381 thousand impressions, whereas its discord membership increased from 1,600 members to 16 thousand members – a 1000% YOY growth in total. 

On that note GTOR’s CEO – John V. Whitman Jr.- said that “there is nothing I love more than being forced to continually modify our projections upward because the growth of the business continues to exceed our expectations.” He also went on to add that the company is planning on pursuing various new revenue streams in the new year. 

To keep up with its own success, GTOR embarked on 2022 with plans for uplisting and its entrance into the crypto and blockchain spheres. Already the company hired Accell Audit & Compliance to start auditing the company. Following the audit GTOR is planning to become a fully reporting public company trading on the OTCQB market. Additionally, it is expecting to launch its altcoin – GGcoin – to capitalize on this emerging sector.  

Proving that its growth was not a fluke and that the company will continue to grow, GTOR announced it is actively searching for strong acquisition candidates that are likely to bring profits to the company. With eighteen events scheduled for each month of 2022, GTOR is planning on expanding its portfolio to eventually include every genre of online games. The company is also scouting locations to create in-person venues for its tournaments. This could prove to be a great investment as people seek out live events as the pandemic’s restrictions are lifted.

In its latest press release, the company hinted that it might be considering utilizing the gamification trend to enter the metaverse. However the company has not disclosed any information regarding this venture yet. Since GTOR is already operating in the eSports industry, some investors are speculating that it may be intending to acquire a company that owns land or property in an existing metaverse to facilitate its expansion. 

The launch of an altcoin, hosting tournaments in person, and new acquisitions could all lead GTOR to a fruitful year ahead. All these plans are expected to create new revenue streams for the company which could help position GTOR to become one of the top eSports penny stocks to watch.

Media Sentiment

Investors like @Franklincool532 are excited to hold GTOR as it grows in 2022.

Technical Analysis

penny stocks to watch GTOR chart

GTOR is currently trading at $.0236 with a support at .023 and a primary resistance at .0261 as well as a secondary resistance at .0284. However the stock’s resistance is historically weak and easily broken. Meanwhile the RSI is standing at 44 and accumulation has been following a downwards trend. On the other hand, MACD is bullish.

These indicators show that the stock is currently losing some of its momentum, however with each weekly update the PPS usually witnesses a small increase. With the anticipated launch of the altcoin or news of its potential acquisitions, the stock could see a significant increase – possibly breaking its resistance .035 with the news.

GTOR Stock Forecast

Reporting continuous growth and higher numbers each month, GTOR is definitely a company to watch out for in 2022. It’s worth noting that the company is especially communicative as it releases weekly updates regarding its operations. Keeping in mind that the eSports industry is projected to reach over $1.6 billion within the next two years, GTOR’s long-term investors could profit in the long-run from this investment as GTOR executes its growth strategies through acquisitions, the metaverse, and crypto.

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