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Penny Stocks Under 1 Cent To Watch – HMLA

As a health and wellness company, Homeland Resources Ltd. – now Himalaya Technologies, Inc.(OTC: HMLA) has several subsidiaries which it is expanding on. This includes its cannabis social network, Kanab Club, the early-stage biotechnology company GenBio, Inc., and the Agrarian Group which specializes in Controlled Environment Agriculture. Since becoming pink current, HMLA has been releasing updates regarding its strategy and saw a 295% spike as a result. Now trading at $.0056, HMLA could be one of the penny stocks under 1 cent to watch for more updates.

HMLA Stock News

After three years of development, HMLA launched Kanab Club – a scalable platform designed to unite the cannabis community through a variety of features. Potentially introducing features such as a stock chat room, blogging, 420 dating, and e-commerce drop-shipping for cannabis paraphernalia before the EOY, HMLA is focused on generating revenues from advertising and subscriptions via the site. As is, Kanab Club has an invite and friend recommendation engine, as well as chatting, feeds, and interconnections to Discord and Weedmaps.

Commenting on the launch, HMLA’s CEO Vik Grover shared that the cannabis market, including THC and hemp products, are going through a wave of state legalizations and decriminalization as the federal government “embraces” the industry. With this in mind, Kanab Club has been released during this inflection point and “the time could not be better to accelerate investment in this social network to target the attractive, fast growing and underserved cannabis niche.”

On this note, HMLA’s CEO Vik Grover has had an impressive career as a research analyst in the financial markets covering emerging communications provider and technology sectors. After focusing on investment banking, Grover transitioned to management and became the CEO of FOMO Corp. (OTC: FOMC) which owns one third of HMLA. In 2016, as CEO of Good Gaming Inc., Grover oversaw the launch of the first publicly-traded eSports social site with a scalable tournament platform for gamers. This experience will likely help HMLA as it targets the emerging cannabis social sphere with Kanab Club.

Meanwhile, HMLA has also acquired a 19.9% stake in GenBio Inc which is aiming to develop a new class of molecules that provides potentanti-inflammatory activity without the gastrointestinal side effects of NSAIDs or the cardiovascular side effects of other inhibitors. Based on its research, GenBio has created an Investigational New Drug research program from novel natural compounds that are highly effective as anti-inflammatory agents. The company is very confident in the applicability of its research and plans to isolate and fractionate a new molecule based on its scientific findings. To fund this research, GenBio is seeking $1 million and will begin its Series A finance round within 6-12 months.

FOMO Corp. has also invested in GenBio, and HMLA will be focused on assisting the company in the development of a new health and wellness drink called FOMO as well as other brands. Following HMLA’s health and wellness incubation strategy, the company will expand its drink line to offer powder, honey and liquid droplet versions of the product as well.

HMLA also has a 19.9% stake in The Agrarian Group (TAG) which develops end to end solutions using its integrated systems and services to create significant increases in yield and quality with low resource intensities. Through its software – AgtechDi – TAG utilizes its patents for managing product distribution and its data hub for the repurposing of nutrients to assist vertical farms and greenhouses, with small to medium sized operations.

In its second phase, the software will help optimize profitability and safety for outdoor farmers, ranchers, restaurateurs, and grocers. Given that TAG’s software is oriented towards enhancing the food supply chain, these technologies could play a pivotal role in relieving pressure on the global food supply chain as the world’s population continues to grow.

Considering that the AgTech industry is rapidly expanding, TAG is in a prime position to take advantage of this market through its patented technologies. With this in mind, Grover shared that HMLA sees “significant potential for TAG to leverage its patents and experience to propel a positive change in healthy food production as well as the optimization of specialty crops such as cannabis for medicinal and recreational use.”

According, to TAG’s base case, it projects $7 million in revenue with a net profit of $4.9 million over five years – resulting in a market valuation of $49 million. Whereas it’s upside case projects $11.2 million in revenue and net profits of $7.8 million for a market valuation of $78 million over five years.

While at this time HMLA appears focused primarily on developing Kanab Club, the company has also indicated its intention to supplement its growth with strategic acquisitions and investments in other potential opportunities. Now that HMLA is a fully reporting company, it has the potential to become one of the best penny stocks under 1 cent considering its range of investments. Furthermore, its CEO has assured shareholders that neither himself nor the parent company FOMC are selling or intend to or able to sell HMLA shares.

While momentum for HMLA has died off following its run after becoming pink current, it could be one of the penny stocks under 1 cent to watch thanks to its low float and potential catalysts.

Media Sentiment

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Technical Analysis

Penny stocks under 1 cent

Currently trading at $.0056, HMLA shows a resistance at .0159 with a secondary resistance at .0077 and a main support at .004. Accumulation took a hit, but is seeing an uptick and the RSI is at 40. The MACD is bearish but approaching a crossover.

Penny stocks under 1 cent

Currently one of the penny stocks under 1 cent, HMLA could see another run up with updates regarding any of the company’s investments or future plans. Given the CEO’s reputation from FOMO Corp. and years of experience, HMLA may have more news on the way regarding its Kanab Club venture.

HMLA Stock Forecast

Although HMLA’s run up was largely due to the company becoming pink current, it could develop further as the company works to improve Kanab Club while working in tandem with its investments in GenBio and TAG. HMLA could see any one of its investments pay off in the near term, especially if the Agrarian Group’s base projections prove accurate. But there is also the potential for other acquisitions in the future, which could help make HMLA one of the best penny stocks under 1 cent this year.

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