Projections of an updated reserve estimate reaching $4 billion have put Osceola Gold, Inc. (OTC: OSCI) on track to become one of the largest junior mining companies in recent US history. With a strong focus on the development and exploration of gold and other precious metals, this $50 million mining company has had a groundbreaking Q4. OSCI saw a 21.17% surge after becoming current and promising shareholders it has no plans for dilution. In light of this and its many other catalysts, OSCI is shaping up to possibly become one of the major penny stocks under $1.


Osceola Gold is well-known for its rights to mineral claims located in the most prolific gold area of Nevada – the Mary Ann Canyon. To date, this mining area is considered relatively untapped, giving it enormous upside potential. 

Some of North America’s largest mining companies including Barrick Gold and Kennecott are operating claims near the Mary Ann Canyon. Whether these are buyout attempts remains to be seen. Nonetheless, OSCI remains well above the threshold for quality paydirt and has its hands on gold reserves of a much higher grade.

To stay ahead of the competition and maintain its strategic position, the company has embarked on a journey to execute its operational plan. According to the OSCI’s strategy, it will utilize its $4 billion reserve to improve its mining methods, ramp up production, and expand operations within the Mary Canyon region. With all of this under way, OSCI could be one of the best penny stocks under $1 – but not for long.

To facilitate this, OSCI partnered with Savona Equipment – a Canadian mining equipment company – to improve its mining methods. With the support of its $4 billion reserve, the company is able to purchase additional equipment and easily triple its production. At the estimated rate, OSCI can recover up to 90% of the gold in the Mary Ann Canyon reserve. This strategy will undoubtedly result in a quicker return on investment for both the company and investors.

Throughout these changes, OSCI has placed great emphasis on updating shareholders through press releases and constant twitter updates. To promote further transparency and involve shareholders in the company’s operations, OSCI recently announced that it had signed a letter of intent (LOI) with WST Global Productions Corporation – one of the industry’s leading independent film and TV companies – to produce and distribute a TV Series with major streaming partners. This is meant to showcase the company’s previous and current mining operations while highlighting its commitment to becoming a major player in the industry. 

Media Sentiment

The one and only @ChaseMacTrades is bullish OSCI given all its catalysts.

Technical Analysis

penny stocks under $1 OSCI stock chart

Currently, OSCI is trading at $.153 with a support near .1151 and a primary resistance at .1998. It shows a weaker resistance at .27 as well. Accumulation is dropping after an initial upward trend and the MACD had a bearish crossover with no sign of a reversal. Meanwhile, the RSI is holding at 42.

Should you buy?

After becoming current and announcing it has no plans for dilution or a reverse split, OSCI reached an all-time high and revealed its plans to uplist in the future. Due to its AS of 298 million and OS of 297 million there is little room for dilution. But its strategic mining locations and new equipment are a bullish sign for the company as it continues to grow.

With these catalysts in play, investors are very bullish on OSCI and some are anticipating a major run this week given its low float of 735 thousand. Even though it is dipping currently as investors take profits, it could rebound and retest its resistance at $.27 or $.33. In the long term, OSCI’s mission centered on becoming a reliable and profitable gold mining operation shows that it places great emphasis on generating value for its shareholders. With this in mind, OSCI could be one of the best penny stocks under $1.


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