The food retail industry is an absolute necessity at this point, and over the last few years it has increasingly moved online thanks to ecommerce and COVID-19. With this in mind, Two Hands Corporation (OTC: TWOH) has emerged as a major player in the Canadian grocery market sector thanks to its on-demand food brands and could be one of the best penny stocks under 10 cents.


At the start of the pandemic TWOH seized the opportunity to focus exclusively on the grocery sector and has since vertically integrated their processes through 3 on-demand food brands: GoCart City; Grocery Originals; and Cuore Food Services. Each focuses on a different market or service allowing TWOH to maximize its hold on the sector. This diversified approach means TWOH operates a retail store through its Grocery Originals brand, an online delivery marketplace via GoCart City, as well as a food and distribution division through Cuore Food Services. This approach has set TWOH apart from the competition and now many are asking if this OTC company could become the next “Door Dash”. 

TWOH has made massive gains in recent years, reporting $174 thousand in revenue for the second quarter. This is a 2000% increase from the year before when the company brought in only $7,993. But this success didn’t happen overnight, TWOH has been working hard since 2020 and grew its revenue stream by launching a mobile application early on which increased revenue by 500% between the second and third quarter. 

For a startup this growth is impressive but bullish investors see TWOH’s potential chiefly in terms of scalability, opportunity, and market growth. Grocery delivery services have favorable margins and the business model has already proven its quick scalability. As demand grows for online grocery delivery services, food distribution, and high quality shopping experiences, TWOH has the potential to grow with it and may not be one of the penny stocks under 10 cents for long.  

TWOH has already shown its ability to identify and capitalize on opportunity by pivoting towards on-demand grocery delivery during the pandemic. But it has continued to capitalize on this opportunity as pandemic concerns drive 25% of Canadian shoppers to choose e-grocery services. On top of that, the ease of on-demand grocery delivery will attract more families whose lives are hectic enough without the added stress of in-store food shopping. 

While the pandemic may have triggered major growth in the online grocery market sector, it has definitely gained momentum and is expected to grow with a compound annual growth rate of 23.7% over the next five years. With this in mind, Two Hands is poised for growth in the years ahead. 

Also for this reason, TWOH is working to list on the Canadian Securities Exchange. According to TWOH’s CEO, Nadav Elituv,  “The CSE listing will allow the company to execute on our growth plans over the next year”. At this time the company expects TWOH to be listed on the CSE by the end of the year and updates will likely be released throughout October. 

In the meantime, the company has been shaping up to pursue its growth plans by eliminating 67% of their debt in August. Two Hands has also taken a major step forward by filing with the SEC to begin offering a stock incentive plan for its employees. 

In terms of product growth, the company is also accelerating quickly having expanded its GoMeal kits service due to increasing popularity. These meal kits are capturing the at-home meal market by offering quick and easy to follow recipes for a variety of foods that cater to families’ needs.  

Media Sentiment

Looks like two hands are always better than one… @Kanye_Invest

Technical Analysis

penny stocks under 10 cents TWOH chart

Currently trading at $0.0026, the stock is at a low PPS after hitting a major resistance in September. The stock has more immediate resistance points at .0031 and .0033 and its support lies at $0.0024. Accumulation is picking up after a drop at the start of the month, and the RSI is currently resting at 53. But the MACD recently had a bullish crossover and is moving to the upside.

Should you Buy?

The company appears fairly undervalued given the online grocery market sector’s expected growth rate. Trading at only $.0026, the company has a number of assets that appeal to a wide range of shoppers. Especially with continuing health concerns motivating many shoppers to stay home, TWOH has successfully cemented itself as a staple of Canada’s grocery market sector. Whether it’s the next Door Dash remains to be seen, but it’s expected listing on the Canadian Stock Market will likely boost the stock’s value at least in the short term. At its current dip price, now may be a good entry point for TWOH which hit $.0045 as recently as September, making it potentially one of the best penny stocks under 10 cents. 


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