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  1. Penny Stocks
Petroteq Energy Inc. (OTC: PQEFF) is a clean energy company with a focus on the development and implementation of environmentally safe extraction technology for removing heavy oils from oil sands and oil shale deposits. Its carbon-neutral process sets it apart from other oil companies but PQEFF caught investors attention after breaking through its resistance to […]
  1. Small Caps
Although education stocks are not the most popular, the pandemic has offered companies the opportunity to take advantage of the growth of online learning. The Evergrande crisis has also hit Chinese companies particularly hard creating a potential investment opportunity for some investors. With this in mind, Meten Holding Company ltd. (NASDAQ: METX) has caught investors’ […]
  1. Penny Stocks
Green products and environmental sustainability are on everyone’s agenda making green penny stocks popular investment opportunities. With the growing concerns over waste and climate change, companies like Code Green Apparel Corp (OTC: CGAC) are working on seizing the market opportunity as it continues to develop. While its not clear if this shell will remain in […]
  1. Small Caps
The recent announcement by TMTG and Digital World Acquisitions Corp regarding the launch of a Trump-backed social media platform -TRUTH Social – has created headlines worldwide. As DWAC stock saw a 350% increase on the 21st, its ripple effects have created a sympathy play for Phunware Inc. (NASDAQ:PHUN) stock which has witnessed an over 280% […]
  1. Penny Stocks
Hype has been steadily building around DRGV stock for the past few weeks. Dragon Capital Group Corp. (OTC: DRGV) is a holding company with emerging technology enterprises which conducts business in China through its subsidiaries. DRGV has been working to find a merger candidate and in anticipation of the upcoming reverse merger, investors have driven […]
  1. Penny Stocks
GD Entertainment & Technology Inc. (OTC: GDET) is a company focused on high growth industries to fulfill a diverse selection of premium products globally. GDET has recently become interested in focusing its efforts on high growth industries related to the crypto space. However, it’s only operational subsidiary is Dreamcard – the world’s first crypto and […]
  1. Small Caps
Sphere 3D (NASDAQ: ANY) has had quite the year with lows of $1.32 and highs near $10.65. A software company with a portfolio of IT brands, ANY caught investors’ attention with a pivot towards crypto thanks to an upcoming reverse merger. The company’s strong foundation and Bitcoin’s recent breakout, have led bullish investors to predict […]
  1. Penny Stocks
SSM Monopoly Corp, has been on quite the ride this year, going to court and seeking custodianship of numerous companies. Specializing in custodianship of distressed companies, they bring new life and value to shareholders. Earlier this year, under the leadership of Kareem Mansour, they were able to seek custodianship of FBC Holding, Inc. (OTC:FBCD). Recent […]

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