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  1. Penny Stocks
Novation Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NOHO), has been gaining renewed traction among investors as the company begins the process of finding a merger candidate. After investing the time and money of becoming pink current after four years of inactivity, NOHO has emerged as a “multi-strategy holding company focused on identifying, developing, acquiring, and bringing to market technologies […]
  1. Penny Stocks
Trophy Resources, Inc. (OTC:TRSI) is currently in its developmental stage, targeting acquisition opportunities with recurring revenue streams to maximize shareholder value. As a holding company focused on strategic acquisitions that are cash-flow positive and hold hard assets, TRSI will likely pursue development across various sectors. TRSI has just become pink current and has a float […]
  1. Cryptocurrency
Many are proclaiming 2022 the year of crypto and it’s hard to argue against it. What began with Bitcoin in 2009 has now evolved into a thriving ecosystem of decentralized currencies and applications. Along the way, users and investors of all backgrounds have explored the various ways blockchain technology can simplify daily transactions and create […]
  1. Penny Stocks
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Despite Hurricane Ida’s impact on U.S. oil production and refineries, the price of oil has stayed relatively stable for US consumers. Surprisingly, the halt to 75% of the Gulf’s offshore oil production since late August has not dramatically affected the national average price of regular unleaded gasoline which has risen only a few pennies in […]

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