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Promising Penny Stocks – Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc.

To become an emerging leader in the sports nutrition and supplement industry, Torque Lifestyle Brands Inc. (OTC: TQLB) has been leveraging a growth-by-acquisition model. Through its Joint Venture – Zero Torque Manufacturing – TQLB has consistently secured manufacturing deals with some of the fastest growing nutritional supplement brands in the US. As it continues to partner with retailers across the industry, TQLB is showing significant growth and shows no signs of stopping. As the company closes the year with strong financial results, TQLB saw an initial increase of 154% in one day – leaving many investors optimistic that TQLB could be one of the most promising penny stocks of this year.

TQLB Stock News

Since TQLB announced its manufacturing joint venture with Zero Day Nutrition in June to form Zero Torque, the company has seen immense growth. This is due to TQLB’s contribution in terms of capital and machinery along with Zero Day’s manufacturing expertise and portfolio of current and prospective client brands which includes the quickly growing brand name – Glaxon. Given the JV’s strong performance in just the first few months of operation, Zero Torque seems set to quickly build off its more than $5 million in sales and $1 million in revenue to achieve even more in 2022.

The company’s current financial success was also supported by its recent divestment of its subsidiary – American Metabolix – which financed its current joint venture partnership. But TQLB has since confirmed its strong financial position heading into 2022 with Zero Torque Manufacturing’s CEO – Leonard K. Armenta Jr. – saying he is bullish on the upcoming year.

In the recent press release, Armenta underscored the JV’s success saying, “to have the first year out of the gate exceeding $2 million in invoiced sales and going into only the second year of operations with more than $5 million in booked sales to deliver, is an astounding achievement.”

A large part of these booked sales came from a $4 million purchase order from Glaxon – one of the most innovative emerging brands in the nutrition industry. With an impressive range of products and strategic branding, TQLB’s relationship with this brand could bring multi-million dollar revenue to the company each year. In light of this, the company could be preparing to ramp up its production to facilitate even more growth.

Part of its plans for expansion include a brand new 20 square foot production facility. which will help TQLB meet the increasing demand for Glaxon branded products as well as other prominent brands. Currently, Zero Torque Manufacturing is the exclusive manufacturer for Glaxon which has recently become the first strategic product partnership under GNC Ventures. As the innovation and technology incubation arm of GNC, GNC Ventures focuses on fast-growing, disruptive companies or technologies in health and wellness.

Boasting 86 years of marketing, R&D, and manufacturing expertise, this partnership will give Glaxon access to “a vast distribution network of stores domestically and globally”. Speaking on the strategic partnership, the Executive Vice Chairman of GNC – Yong Kai Wong – said “GNC Ventures is a tremendous platform for discovering and supporting emerging and innovative brands and technologies within the GNC eco-system such as GLAXON”.

With this additional support from such a massive brand name, Glaxon has announced its plans to launch new products across different categories in the months ahead. Given its partnership with GNC, Glaxon is confident it will be able to “fast-track these innovative products to even more consumers and markets around the country.”

To meet this anticipated demand, Zero Torque manufacturing is working to improve its production by implementing a new dual-head powder filling line. According to its COO Michael Bischoff, “the new production facility will have new sachet packing equipment which can service 20,000 packs and stick packs per day as early as 2022”. In turn, the facility could increase production capacity to fill up to 10,000 units of product daily.

Aside from the production of powders, the facility is already utilizing new capsule machines to fill  up to 5,000 pill units daily. At this rate, Bischoff believes Zero Torque could be well on its way to becoming a “monster producer of pills and powders for the nutritional supplements industry.”

With this increased production capacity, TQLB will be more than ready to hit the ground running with its JV partnership in the new year. Therefore its not surprising to see the stock take off with a 154% increase on news of its financial success.

Media Sentiment

Looks like @SamIsSuperRich’s DD paid off considering TQLB’s great performance today.

Technical Analysis

promising penny stocks TQLB chart

Currently trading at $.047, TQLB is showing a support at .044 and .034. It has a new resistance at .066 and .09 from the run up. The RSI is rebalancing from earlier overbuying at 50 and the MACD is bullish but heading towards a crossover. Accumulation has seen a steep drop following the spike as well.

It appears that TQLB’s announcement of its financial success brought some much needed attention to one of 2022’s most promising penny stocks. This run has also demonstrated TQLB’s proclivity for moving on news thanks to its notably low float of only 4.6 million.

TQLB Stock Forecast

As 2021 comes to an end TQLB is in a solid financial position to pursue its plans for expansion. Given its sudden run, promising partnership with Glaxon, and Zero Torque Manufacturing’s significant progress these last few months, investors are bullish that TQLB could be one of the most promising penny stocks to start the year with. As the company completes its work on its production facility, this investment could prove to be a game changer for the stock as it meets increasing demand for Glaxon’s products – likely generating even more revenue as a result.

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