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Promising Small Cap Stocks – LPTV Stock

Small Cap Stocks LPTV stock

Loop Media, Inc. (OTC: LPTV) is a multi-channel streaming platform that provides music video and branded entertainment channels for businesses. By using its proprietary Loop Player platform, LPTV is one of the top licensed US companies to stream music videos to venues out-of-home (OOH). With the company preparing to uplist to NYSE American tomorrow, LPTV stock has been running in anticipation of this major catalyst. In light of this, LPTV is one of the small cap stocks to watch closely this week as it could further soar on its uplisting.

LPTV Stock News

With a vast library of more than 500 thousand music videos, movies, viral videos, sports clips, and lifestyle videos, LPTV distributes this content to digital screens especially in OOH venues. LPTV distributes this content through its owned and operated platform of Loop Players which are streaming Android media players or through the Loop Network comprising digital networks of third parties like Roku. By focusing its efforts on OOH venues, LPTV is now one of the leading digital media content providers in this niche which could see the company further grow financially in the future. 

LPTV also provides its content direct-to-consumers in their homes on connected TVs and their mobile devices. Considering the rapid growth of digital streaming services in the wake of the Covid-19 pandemic, this segment could prove to be profitable for the company in the long-term. As the company is penetrating several segments with its offerings, LPTV appears to be one of the small cap stocks poised for significant growth.

In addition to video content, LPTV provides third-party advertisers with a targeted marketing and promotional tool for their products and services. Moreover, these advertising services allow LPTV to measure the number of potential viewers of such advertising and promotional content. Since this service could be a major revenue stream for the company, LPTV partnered with Hivestack – a global leader in digital out of home ad tech companies. Through this partnership, LPTV will integrate its inventory into Hivestack’s supply side platform to expand its advertising business. In this way, LPTV could forge relationships with leaders in the supply side platform and Ad exchange scenes. 

Meanwhile, this partnership will allow LPTV to generate more ad revenue by capitalizing on the high demand from Hivestack’s demand side platform. With this in mind, Hivestack is well-known globally which could provide LPTV with exposure to business opportunities across the world. As the company could expand this business globally, LPTV stock appears to be one of the most promising small cap stocks to invest in.

Although the company’s business model could be attractive, many investors are more bullish on LPTV’s anticipated uplisting to the NYSE American tomorrow after the company’s listing was approved by the exchange. With this in mind, LPTV intends to raise $12 million from this uplisting as it is offering 2.4 million shares at an assumed offering price of $5 per share. Based on this, LPTV could gain more interest from institutional investors which could reflect on the company’s PPS.

To facilitate this uplisting, LPTV effected a 1-for-3 reverse split and will start trading on a split-adjusted basis today. By converting each 3 shares into 1 share, LPTV expects its OS to be reduced from 153.5 million to only 51.1 million. At the same time, LPTV’s float is expected to be near 2.5 million post the split which could be attractive to many investors. In light of the company’s uplisting and its attractive share structure, LPTV could be one of the small cap stocks poised to soar this week.

LPTV Stock Financials

According to its Q3 report, LPTV witnessed significant growth as its assets increased to $18.1 million compared to $11.8 million at the beginning of its fiscal year. However, liabilities increased from $8.8 million to $20.5 million over the same period. As for revenues, LPTV reported $10.8 million – a substantial increase from $1.1 million reported a year ago. Meanwhile, operating costs increased to $7.5 million compared to $4.2 million last year. Based on this, LPTV’s net loss increased from $3.9 million a year ago to $5.6 million. 

Media Sentiment

@cdntradegrljenn is watching LPTV for a run post-split with high volume.

@SuperRobotOTC is bullish LPTV could soar upon its reverse split thanks to its low float.

LPTV Stock Forecast

As one of the most promising small cap stocks, LPTV shows significant growth potential in the digital streaming industry thanks to its vast library of media content. Considering the company’s position as a leader in such services for OOH venues, LPTV has the potential to further grow as it continues growing its business. While this niche is already profitable for the company, LPTV is working to establish itself in the digital streaming industry as it is now offering its services direct-to-consumers. Given the growing demand for such services following the pandemic, this new focus could help the company report significant financial growth in the coming quarters. 

In addition to the media content, LPTV’s advertising services could provide the company with substantial revenue streams thanks to its partnership with Hivestack. As this partnership could increase the demand for the company’s services, LPTV stock forecast appears to be bright for the future. With the company preparing to uplist to the NYSE American tomorrow, LPTV is one of the small cap stocks to watch for a surge upon its uplisting.

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