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Real Estate Stocks – Protocall Technologies Inc.

Protocall Technologies Inc (OTC: PCLI) recently landed on bullish investors’ radar because the company is one of the few real estate stocks entering Idaho’s growing real estate sector after its acquisition of JR Development LLC,. Currently the company is embarking on a residential building project which may prove to be lucrative for PCLI. The potential returns from this project has attracted investors and the stock has increased 50% over the last five days with room to grow.

PCLI Stock News

Real estate has become a valuable investment, and PCLI is seeking to capitalize on its assets with more growth this year. After acquiring JR Development LLC in November, the company gained 35 residential building lots in the Rivers Edge 2 project in Fruitland, Idaho. The land itself is valued at $414,150.00 but the company is looking “to take advantage of the red-hot Idaho housing market” according to the CEO Paul Knudson.

Land in Idaho is increasing in value because many people are moving to the state. This has led the state to rank for the highest home-price growth in 2021. Home buyers from other locations have been flocking to the Boise metro area and Fruitland is only an hour away from the main city – presenting a residential development project there with significant upside.

The median home value in the Boise metro area increased 44% in the last year, according to Zillow. Looking ahead, they predict a double-digit increase in the Boise housing market in 2022 which will cause home prices in the area to grow roughly 18% in 2023.

The company is currently reporting $414,150.00 in assets from the Rivers Edge 2 project but this is expected to grow significantly as PCLI builds on it. Already receiving approval from the city for construction as well as sewer and water approcal, PCLI is well on its way to building 35 housing units which can be rented out as a long-term revenue stream.

Currently the median home listing price in Fruitland is $400 thousand, in light of this the company is projecting $14 million in total property value once the 35 residential building lots are completed. While this increases the total value of the company – which is currently valued at only $2.71 million according to its market cap – it does not factor in the additional revenue from renting out the units.

According to the company this is only the start of greater things to come. At the moment, the company is pursuing its due diligence on a number of real estate related acquisitions and “expects to significantly expand its asset portfolio via acquisitions and vertical integration of various private real estate LLCs”. Overall, PCLI anticipates the addition of multiple revenue-generating assets over the course of this quarter.

It is noteworthy that PCLI intends to accept Bitcoin for the purchase of real estate and has plans to develop commercial real estate and infrastructure to lease to bitcoin mining operations which is an unusual but potentially worthwhile move for real estate stocks.

Investors are also bullish on this project because PCLI has confirmed there will be no dilution or reverse splits in the near future which may make this a good swing hold for bullish investors. Despite having a number of convertible notes that reached their maturity date at the end of 2021, the CEO has assured investors that they will not be converted to unrestricted shares.

Given that these 35 residential building lots could house a number of rental units, PCLI is well-positioned to capitalize on the growing real estate market in Idaho over the long-term. However, investors are waiting for more details from the company regarding the project’s timeline, future acquisitions, and more which will possibly be revealed with the completion of its website. Real estate stocks like PCLI will rely on a defined timeline and actionable plans to complete its project and create real value for shareholders.

Media Sentiment

Investors like @ChairmanOtc see PCLI’s potential as one of the few real estate stocks capitalizing on this state’s growing potential.

Technical Analysis

real estate stocks

Currently the stock is trading at $.0018 with a support near .0012 and a resistance at .002. The stock is showing positive accumulation and the MACD is bullish to the upside. The RSI is cooling off from earlier overbuying at 58.

real estate stocks

Altogether these indicators show the positive interest in PCLI and its momentum which could drive the stock further in the coming days. The company’s float matches its unrestricted shares of 1.4 billion with an AS of 2 billion.

PCLI Stock Forecast

Real estate is often an asset that increases in value rather than losing value which makes PCLI’s recent moves a bullish sign of its intention to create value for its shareholders. Its worth noting that the company itself is located in Fruitland, Idaho which means its CEO has a vested interest in seeing this project succeed. While the company’s plans may take an extended period of time to achieve – as is the case with most real estates stocks – the payoff could be well worth it considering the company’s low market cap.

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