(OTC: SSET) Starstream Entertainment Inc. through its wholly-owned subsidiary, Facetime Consulting and Promotions LLC (“FCP”), is primarily focused on the on-demand event staffing industry. The primary placements that FCP makes are to companies in the consumer goods industry.

It is the Rising Star in Entertainment Ingenuity, whose goal is to build the finest Independent entertainment company founded on sound financial management with a business model that mitigates risk, combined with the fluidity to move quickly.

Micheal Jordan

OTC: SSET positioned itself for a bullish run in 2021:

Now that the clouds of 2020 are parting, major events around the globe are rising above like a bubble ready to be popped. This huge demand for upcoming and delayed events mandates a strong company being able to jump in and fill the void. The industry of advertisement and outdoor placements is showing more promise than ever with huge demand from companies unfairly punished with the lockdowns but now starting to open up again. You need a well-proven company with a strong portfolio to count on.

SSET is that well-proven company that is well set to take off from Florida. Let’s give some context and numbers instead of just talk. Recently this piece of news came out

“Starstream Entertainment Showcases Proximo Brands At The McDavid Group Charities Golf For C.O.P.S. Tournament”

Yahoo Finance

Immediately OTC: SSET saw a spike of around 4% in its stock prices! Let’s discuss this news a bit more.

(OTC: SSET) Starstream Entertainment Inc. wholly-owned subsidiary, Facetime Consulting, and Promotions launched and presented an amazing outdoors campaign at the McDavid Group Charities Golf for C.O.P.S. Tournament held at Trump National Golf Club in Juniper, FL.

Golf for C.O.P.S. supports surviving families of law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty. With well-known celebrities and sports stars in attendance, Golf for C.O.P.S. generated over $1,230,000 in its first 4 years. Well known PGA tour players and sports support the cause participated in the tournament. And who is introducing Proximo’s high-end brands like Jose Cuervo, the number one selling tequila in the world, and Pendleton, premium American oak barrel-aged Canadian whiskey. Facetime.

The smart reader can start seeing where this is heading, OTC: SSET is relying on getting as much exposure as possible with high-end brands, more exposure, means more clients, which means more market share. Simple but effective.

Supermarket Liquior

How this affects the market?

As already mentioned this single piece of news made its stock price go from 1 cent to 4 cents, lets have a detailed overview of how the charts performed!

As of writing this article SSET.PK has a volume of 374,440 with its 3m volume at 1,182,227. with its share outstanding of 17.92mil and market capitalization of 0.11mil

Its key ratio of MRQ vs Sector as follows ;
• Price to Book – 0.06:2.54
• Total Debt to equity – 194.71:67.92
• LT Debt to equity – 9.12: 37.8
• PE Ratio(TTM) – 14.25
• EPS(TTM) – 0.0020

This huge positive was just one single announcement among the many that are made by (OTC: SSET) Starstream Entertainment getting in 2021 proving itself a perfect candidate for a bullish run

Now let’s move over to more updates by OTC: SSET making it a red hot SAP getting it the title with a whopping 145℅ increase in revenue near the end of 2020!

The company also announced deals with Michael Jordan’s premium tequila brand, Cincoro, screwmate peanut butter whiskey, and others. While products like Cincoro bring in seasoned customers, unique and exclusive products like screwmates’s whiskey bring in new customers because of its innovation.

So it already seems good going for the company. A massive revenue and sensational deals set it up for a firm presence in the market.


Huge deals with Liquor brands

As mentioned above, (OTC: SSET) Starstream Entertainment has bagged incredible deals with Cincoro, Michael Jordan’s premium whiskey brand, and others. At the charity event, Golf for C.O.P.S, SSET showcased the brands of Proximo through their subsidiary, Facetime Consulting, and Promotions (FCP). The brands included Jose Suervo, the number one selling tequila in the world, Pendleton, an American oak barrel-aged Canadian Whiskey, and Kraken, a rich spiced rum.

Alcoholic beverages are a multi-billion dollar industry and quite usually, there seems to be no slowing down there. With the restrictions being lifted from the lockdown, people are coming out more. Since they had to spend a whole year staying inside, this year, with the opening of bars, pubs and clubs, there would be a rush to get back to enjoying life. This will result in an increment in the overall flow of the industry, allowing it to make great profits.

Since OTC: SSET has a solid foot in with their relationship with the liquor brands, there will be a good amount of stability and even progress in the company’s position in the market.

A company that’s stable and shows promising signs of progress is a fair investment to make.


OTC: SSET launched a Special Purpose Acquirement Company (SPAC)

In yet another powerful move, OTC: SSET recently launched their own SPAC. This was done to push their growth even higher and leverage the benefits of the highly valued SPAC industry and join the ranks of another 172 SPAC transactions done this year that raised in excess of $63 billion dollars.

What does that mean?

OTC: SSET through its SPAC will be able to acquire and join hands with other
businesses and companies. This will result in more services to offer, more innovation in their offerings as they will be able to combine ideas of other businesses as well, and lastly, creating an ecosystem of direct and indirect relationships with clients and owners.

An incredible gesture, strengthening its ties with other businesses will amount to more trust and referrals.

Overall, the ultimate conclusion of this move will be that OTC: SSET will become more dependable as a stable company because of the ecosystem. And acquiring other businesses and using them to modify and upgrade their offerings will end up bringing more revenue.


The Three Pillars Of Trust OTC: SSET Is Holding On

People’s trust in the founding stones of the company is one of the most important factors which make their stock price grow and eventually put it on the track of a bullish run.

OTC: SSET is blessed to have 3 gems


Charles Bonan
Mr. Charles Bonan is Co-Chairman of the Board, President of the Company. He is the CoFounder and an Executive at SSE. He has several decades of experience as an executive and investor in the business and entertainment worlds. Charles serves as a producer and executive
at SSE. Most recently, Charles executive produced the film, “Life of Crime,” an adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel “THE SWITCH” starring Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins, John Hawkes, and Mos Def. He also executive produced the upcoming Lee Daniel’s feature film “THE BUTLER,” starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, about the White House butler who
served eight U.S. presidents. Prior to that, Charles executive produced several feature films in 2011-2012, including the Martin Snyder directed “MISSED CONNECTIONS,” and the Peter Kline directed “HERE COMES THE NIGHT.” In 1983 Ted Turner appointed Charles Managing Director and Vice-President at Turner Broadcasting International, based in London. Bonan and his team launched CNN International throughout the World. After CNN, Bonan became International President of the largest pan European Satellite Entertainment network. Bonan and his partner and owner Marialina Marcucci sold the network to NBC. In the mid-1990s Charles
and his investor group acquired The Grinberg Library, which consists of the entire American Pathe and Paramount newsreel collections. The library has preserved on film some of the 20th Century’s most historic moments from WWII to a young, unknown Frank Sinatra, to over 40 years of commercials chronicling the rapid evolution of technology that epitomized the American
spirit. During his years at IPG, Charles also advised Paul Den Haene, owner of Poland Spring Water, and managed the successful re-launch of its bottled water products. Prior to IPG, Charles was the director of marketing for Leber-Krebs, where he managed the launch of the blockbuster Broadway musical, BEATLEMANIA. Charles received a Bachelor of Arts degree
from the Northeastern University.

Greenwich native Charles Bonan has created a new company, Starstream Entertainment, with his partner Kim Leadford. Their Jennifer Aniston-Tim Robbins film "Life of Crime," which opened August 29, was shot in Greenwich and Stamford last year.
Greenwich native Charles Bonan has created a new company, Starstream Entertainment, with his partner Kim Leadford. Their Jennifer Aniston-Tim Robbins film “Life of Crime,” which opened August 29, was shot in Greenwich and Stamford last year.

Kimberley Leadford
Ms. Kimberley Leadford is Co-Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer of the Company. She is the Co-Founder and an Executive at SSE. Most recently Kim executive produced the film adaptation of Elmore Leonard’s novel THE SWITCH, starring Jennifer Aniston, Tim Robbins,
John Hawkes, and Mos Def. She also executive produced the upcoming Lee Daniel’s feature film “THE BUTLER,” starring Forest Whitaker and Oprah Winfrey, about the White House butler who served eight U.S. presidents. Kim executive produced several feature films in 2011-2012,
including the James Franco film “ABOUT CHERRY,” the Martin Snyder directed “MISSED CONNECTIONS,” and the Peter Kline directed “HERE COMES THE NIGHT.” Prior to SSE, Kim served as President of Baldwin Films as well as an independent producer and entertainment attorney. Kim was an executive and principal at New England Sports and Entertainment Group, which has interests in various professional sports franchises globally. Kim graduated from Rhode Island College with a Bachelor of Arts degree and earned her J.D. at Temple University – Beasley School of Law. Kim has extensive management experience, having managed world-class restaurants, a record label, and professional artists. In the political world, she has served Senator Jack Reed in Washington, D.C., Brian Kennedy in the Rhode Island General Assembly as well as lobbying for ASCAP in Washington, D.C.

Mark Corrao
Mr. Mark Joseph Corrao is Interim Chief Financial Officer of Starstream Entertainment, Inc. Mr. Corrao is currently a Managing Director with The CFO Squad, a New York consulting firm specializing in accounting and SEC regulatory compliance services, which firm performs accounting services for the Company. Prior to joining The CFO Squad, Mr. Corrao was the CFO
for Business Efficiency Experts (“BEE”), a Long Island consulting firm specializing in outsourced CFO services and SEC regulatory compliance services. Prior to working for BEE, Mr. Corrao served as the CFO and chief accounting officer for StrikeForce Technologies, Inc., a software
company specializing in the prevention of identity theft and computer protection, for ten years. Mr. Corrao offers over thirty years of experience in the public accounting arena specializing in certified auditing, SEC accounting, corporate taxation, and financial planning. His tenure in accounting included being a partner in a Connecticut CPA firm for several years and includes numerous years on Wall Street with firms such as Merrill Lynch, Spear Leeds & Kellogg, and Greenfield Arbitrage Partners.

Starstream Entertainment Inc. is going to shine high in the market this year and there are no second thoughts about it. OTC: SSET has gone all-in with their guns blazing as they have struck deals that will strengthen connections and increase reach, and have also taken business decisions that will place them solidly on the market floor. The numbers are in their favor too, indicating significant growth over the last year, making it clear that 2021 will be theirs


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