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SNMN Stock – Good Penny Stocks To Invest In

good penny stocks SNMN stock

While mainly focused on building a multi-media empire, SNM Global Holdings, Inc. (OTC: SNMN) has been venturing into several businesses with growth potential to increase its shareholders’ value. With this in mind, SNMN stock is emerging as one of the good penny stocks this week after climbing more than 100% in anticipation of an announcement. As many investors are awaiting this announcement, SNMN stock could be one of the good penny stocks to buy this week.

SNMN Stock News

Bullitt Point Properties

As a holding company, SNMN has been diversifying its business by acquiring companies in different industries aligning with media. With this in mind, SNMR’s main division is Bullitt Point Properties which includes the company’s main business – Bullitt Point Films. Specializing in producing original film, animation, and documentaries, the production company produced award winning movies like The Ghosts of 33rd Street and Love Letters to the Shore. 

In the meantime, Bullitt Point is looking to launch its own vimeo channel to premiere the political documentary Divided. Since this upcoming movie is from the same award winning production team, Divided could be a success when it is released. In that case, SNMN could be one of the good penny stocks to buy as the company would get more interest from new investors. 

Given that the company has exclusively produced documentaries, Bullitt Point is moving into a new direction as it is currently scriptwriting a new horror movie based on Patty Cannon called The Midnight Ride of Patty Cannon. Looking to start production, Bullitt Point started the funding of the movie in addition to a new military documentary called The Chosen Ones. Meanwhile, the production company was signed as an equity partner in a big budget heist movie. This movie is expected to star big names and will see Bullitt Point partner with two major production companies. With investors anticipating an update on this movie, SNMN could be one of the good penny stocks to hold in anticipation of an announcement.

In addition to producing movies, SNMN has been venturing into NFTs as it owns a crypto art platform – Kholst – under its Bullitt Point Properties division. This platform hosts digital art and allows its users to purchase them using blockchain smart contracts. Considering NFTs’ potential to become the future of art, SNMN is well-positioned to capitalize on this suring market as early adopters of this technology.

Moreover, SNMN is developing a line of cosmetic and skin care products through its Cause brand which is also under the Bullitt Point Properties division. Using SNMN’s proprietary formulas, Cause will include several moisturizers and anti aging-creams based on CBD oils, natural collagen, as well as HGH enhancers. When this brand is launched, SNMN plans to market its products through influencers and intends to distribute these products online and through retail. With the company diversifying its business, SNMN could be one of the good penny stocks to buy since the company is venturing into lucrative markets.


Following through with its vision of venturing into new businesses, SNMN is developing a platform for hemp and cannabis enthusiasts – HempHUB. Through this platform, consumers will be able to access hemp and cannabis producers directly, as well as access to product reviews and a Q&A forum with industry experts. In light of these features, SNMN believes HempHUB could be the go-to app for consumers looking to compare brands and find the latest news on hemp and cannabis. Based on this, SNMN could be one of the good penny stocks to hold for the long-term as it continues developing this unique platform. 

Although the company has not shared updates about this platform, SNMN shared that it plans to release updates on the platform and Bullitt Point in the near future – while promising a “surprise announcement”. With that in mind, SNMN could be one of the good penny stocks to invest in at its current low PPS before these catalysts roll out.

Global Clean Water

Another profitable venture for SNMN is its Global Clean Water division which is mainly focused on the lucrative water cleaning sector and started when the company acquired OPEL Energy. As this subsidiary’s projects and assets were acquired by Global Clean Water, Inc, SNMN acquired Global Clean Water (GCW) to capitalize on its licensing agreement with ROC Energy. This license is related to ROC Energy’s industrial water treatment system which is highly desirable since it is able to provide clean water to oil and gas companies, as well as third world countries in need of clean water. Considering SNMN’s ability to provide this system with media exposure, the company is bullish it could raise awareness to GCW’s efforts. As a result, SNMN believes there is natural synergy between both companies. 

Given the company’s growth potential in the water cleaning sector, GCW executed a MOU with a well-known environmental engineering company to utilize its iQPR Micro-Quantum Reaction Persistent Technology. According to this agreement, GCW will manage the other company’s US based projects and will get access to upto $2.3 billion in funding. As a result, many investors are confident SNMN could be one of the good penny stocks to hold.

With this in mind, the iQPR technology has major potential as it uses wave frequencies of micro-molecules in air and water to tackle environmental pollution. Meanwhile, this technology has a major competitive advantage since it does not add pollutants in the water cleaning process like other technologies. For this reason, iQPR technology could be utilized in several applications to eliminate environmental pollution. Based on this, the iQPR Technology has the potential to improve the ecosystem and create a healthier living environment. Since GCW has the license for this disruptive technology, SNMN could be one of the good penny stocks with long-term potential. 

Recycling Plant

Considering the company’s recent focus on protecting the environment, SNMN entered into talks to acquire a revenue generating recycling plant as part of its JV with an environmental engineering company. This recycling plant utilizes advanced technology to recycle tires and residual waste. On that note, used tires and residual waste represent high value sources for raw material, SNMN plans to capitalize on these waste to profit from them as they are turned into raw material. With the company promising more updates on this deal, SNMN stock could be one of the good penny stocks to watch this year as these catalysts roll out. 

SNMN Stock Financials

According to its latest Q1 report, SNMN has $1.1 million in assets mainly from its investment in Bullitt Point Films and has $1.9 million in liabilities. Meanwhile, the company did not report any revenues for Q1 – leading to a net loss of $8.4 thousand. Considering the company’s recent ventures into a number of lucrative industries, SNMN could be well-positioned to grow financially in the future.

Media Sentiment

@og_tigress believes SNMN could be set for another run in the near future.

@ChaseMacTrades is bullish SNMN could skyrocket soon in anticipation of the coming news.

Technical Analysis

good penny stocks SNMN stock chart

Currently trading at $.0010, SNMN stock is at its resistance and other resistances near .0016 and .0023. Meanwhile, the stock has a strong support at .0007. After the company promised a “surprising announcement” soon, SNMN stock rallied by more than 100%. With anticipation building up over this announcement, SNMN has the potential to continue climbing this week. With this in mind, SNMN is trading above its MAs which could be a bullish sign for a run in the near-term. At the same time, a golden cross recently occurred which would further support another run this week. 

However, SNMN broke through its $.001 support which has become a resistance which is a level to watch before making a decision. If the stock breaks through this resistance successfully with a pullback, this could be a good entry point in anticipation of the announcement as SNMN could run near $.0016 if it breaks through this resistance. With this in mind, SNMN could drop near $.0007 if it is unable to break through its resistance which could be an entry point for long-term investors bullish on the company’s potential.

good penny stocks SNMN stock chart

Considering SNMN’s recent run to $.0015, accumulation is witnessing a downtick as investors take profit. Similarly, the MACD recently turned bearish after a crossover. The RSI cooled off from 78 to 52 which indicates that SNMN stock could be poised for a strong run with high trading volume. As for its share structure, SNMN has an OS of 2.3 billion and a float near 1.7 billion.

SNMN Stock Forecast

Already signed up for a big budget movie, SNMN has the potential to grow its subsidiary Bullitt Point as this project is expected to star big names. Meanwhile, SNM Nis preparing to release a new documentary and is currently scriptwriting and funding a new horror movie. Based on these efforts, SNMN could become one of the good penny stocks to buy at its cheap PPS. 

Moreover, SNMN has been focused on diversifying its holdings as the company has ventures in lucrative sectors including  NFTs, cannabis, and cosmetics. However, the company’s most notable venture is GCW which the company is utilizing to protect the environment. Considering GCW’s growth potential in the water cleaning market, SNMN is well-positioned to secure a significant share in this market. On that note, GCW already has a competitive advantage in this market since it holds the license for the revolutionary iQPR Technology for cleaning water. 

At the same time, SNMN plans to enter the recycling industry since it is currently in talks for the acquisition of a recycling plant. As this plant recycles tires and residual waste which could be turned into valuable raw material, SNMN could realize high revenues from this business. In light of the company’s growth efforts in these lucrative markets, SNMN has the potential to become one of the good penny stocks to invest in this year.

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