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Stocks To Watch in 2022: Industrial Nanotech Inc.

As a nanotechnology global manufacturer and developer, Industrial Nanotech Inc. (OTC: INTK) produces products that are designed to save energy, protect assets, and reduce carbon footprints. Since its inception, the company has funded and participated in global research with leading laboratories in nanotechnology. The company has two brands – Talking Paint and Syneffex thermal insulation and protective coating. Today, these products are sold through a global network of distributors making INTK stock one of the stocks to watch in 2022. INTK has steadily announced a number of partnerships and is on track for global expansion with business in Europe, Asia, and possibly the Middle East. With a solid financial report released and major future plans, INTK stock is one of the stocks to watch this quarter.

INTK Stock News

Since its inception, the company’s innovative products have played a massive role in several lucrative industries including F&B Processing, Agriculture, Equipment Manufacturing and Pulp & Paper Mills. Additionally, in terms of its current customers, INTK is known for serving global prominent players such as Nestle, NASA, CATERPILLAR and Walmart. These solid relations have paved the way for INTK to position itself in the market for thermal insulation and asset protection coatings.


Currently, INTK operates two main subsidiaries as it works towards expanding further. Syneffex – which focuses on the production of thermal insulation and protective coatings – is the company’s main subsidiary and its most lucrative brand. With a solid line of products, Syneffex covers coatings for Building, Product Comparison and Industrial purposes. To support the growth of the Syneffex brand, INTK introduced TalkingPaint – a new smart coating product line that is expected to witness solid growth this year. With that in mind, investors are bullish on the company’s ability to secure profitable deals as it works towards expanding its product lines, brands and divisions.

Sales Targets

On December 21st, upon becoming pink current, the company released a statement highlighting its growth plan heading into 2022. INTK expects sales of its EnergyProtect –  a building coating from Syneffex’ product line – to reach up to $64 million by the end of Q4 2022. This is based on an estimated $19 million in sales from Italy distributors as well as $45 million from EU distributors. Additionally, INTK plans on potentially capturing 15% market share with the launch of its newest product – TalkingPaint. If successful, this new product line could generate total annual sales of almost $30 million – making INTK one of the best penny stocks to watch this week.


To deliver on these sales targets, the company has been expanding its operations and partnering with promising companies to increase its reach. Currently, INTK is in the process of establishing a manufacturing facility in South Carolina to develop its new self reporting insulation for pipes. To reach a wider audience, the company took to twitter to announce it has recently signed a multimillion dollar deal with a global marketing agency. This deal enables the marketing agency to control the company’s digital marketing initiatives and strengthen their social presence. Through this, INTK could be well-positioned to establish solid relationships, drive more sales and generate further growth.

** Update On January 26th

Purchase Orders

One month into 2022 and INTK is already delivering on its promises. The company kicked off January with a massive $865,480 purchase order from Nanotech Coatings Ltd. – INTK’s EU agent. This purchase order acts as a milestone in the company’s roadmap as it represents the beginning of the company’s sales to many lucrative EU countries. In light of this, Burchill is bullish that it could potentially generate $45 million in revenues annually by the end of 2022.

To facilitate further growth, the company is expanding its presence with an upcoming product line designed to create energy. Preparing for the release, INTK is in the process of filing for patents for an efficient and eco-friendly power source that combines thermoelectric generation with new nanotech materials. The company is bullish this new product line could generate significant return as the sales team reaches out to major industry players including Tesla.

In fact, the company has a history of developing relationships with major players of various industries. INTK already has another major purchase order lined up for Q1 and Q2 2022 from the world’s leading manufacturer of construction and mining equipment – Caterpillar Inc. Given Caterpillar’s popularity and presence in the market, INTK is bullish this partnership could open a plethora of opportunities for growth and could become a solid revenue stream in the near future.

Insulo Corporation Supertankers

Recently, INTK announced its intention to capitalize on the supertanker and container ship industry though a partnership with Insulo Corporation in South Korea. Given that Insolu is well-known for having prominent relationships with industry giants – Daewoo Shipbuilding and Hyundai and Samsung Heavy Industries – investors are bullish on this new venture. These initiatives have highlighted the company’s commitment to growth and are the reason why INTK could is one of the best stocks to watch this week.

Commenting on the company’s growth plans, CEO Stuart Burchill is bullish INTK will “continue the process of enhancing shareholder value by moving to more senior stock exchanges with more in-depth reporting requirements.” Burchill has assured investors that the company has no plans for a reverse split as long as it continues trading in the OTCmarkets. However, if INTK’s plans to uplist to NASDAQ or NYSE by 2023 are successful, a possible capital structure division might take place under the advice of legal counsel and financial advisors.

*Update on February 15th

Railroad Tank Cars

The company announced an agreement with a railroad tank car owner to provide thermal insulation for 9300 tank cars. Given that the company is set to generate an average of $35 thousand per tank car, it is no surprise INTK saw an overnight increase of 49% in its PPS on this announcement.

Burchill believes the company is “uniquely qualified to benefit” from this market. This is mostly due to INTK’s competitive products that are designed to “replace the existing insulation with a thinner and lighter insulation, in turn, increasing the volume and weight available for product carried per tank car – with no increase in cost per mile of transport distance”.

Under the terms of the agreement, the company will also be the exclusive distributor to the railroad tank car industry globally. To facilitate this growth and the company’s reach within the industry, INTK is currently in the process of vetting three additional sales representative.

INTK has assured investors that additional details and updates regarding the company’s new partner will be disclosed in an upcoming joint press release. Now that the CEO is finalizing the agreement, investors are waiting on news from the company and are bullish updates could send the stock on a run to its January high of $.0302.

*Update on March 1st

Through its official twitter account, the company noted that a significant rise in oil prices and energy costs have led to a dramatic enterprise-level interest in INTK solutions. Bullish on the company’s growth potential in 2022, Burchill highlighted INTK’s plan to “add substantial new revenue streams in different market sectors and geographical regions.” In light of this, the company recently released a shareholder update detailing its key initiatives moving forward.


On February 28th, the company announced it has been in talks with major national retailer – Lowe’s. With negotiations currently in the final stages, the company is focused on defining shipping protocols as well as onboarding the new suppliers. By doing this, INTK’s products will be displayed on Lowe’s online store before being available on Lowe’s stores and for home delivery this month. Through this partnership, the company could gain major exposure and reach a wider consumer segment given Lowe’s significant presence in the market. As a result, INTK could witness remarkable sales and revenue growth in the coming months.


To ensure further growth, the company is capitalizing on its lucrative partnership with Caterpillar. INTK has developed a customized protection machine coating – which will initially be used in Caterpillar’s North Carolina and Georgia factories. Going forward, INTK expects the customized coating to be implemented in all of Caterpillar’s 25 factories worldwide – all of which manufacture around 180 thousand machines every year. Many investors are bullish INTK’s partnership with the billion dollar company could open several new revenue streams for the company and pave the way for more partnerships in the future.

Railroad Tank Cars

In terms of its railroad tank cars plans, INTK is currently implementing the logistics of retrofitting existing tank cars with its insulation. While doing that, the company is now in the process of designing a standard facility and ensuring centralized locations that will enable lesser travel time for the tank cars. Now that the company expects to start application of its insulation coatings on tank cars as soon as Q2, INTK is in good position to grow even further – considering the company is already the industry’s exclusive global distributor.

Tank Farms

To further support its global expansion, the company recently finalized a deal with a yet-to-be-disclosed tank farm customer and tank painting contractor in Mexico. Additionally, INTK also closed an unexpected deal with another tank farm customer – Grupo Energeticos – which owns 24 tank farms in Mexico. As the company prepares to apply its solutions in the next quarter, investors are speculating revenue generated from this deal could potentially exceed that of most other OTC companies.

Expansion in Europe & Asia

In its efforts to venture into Europe, INTK recently had a meeting with the head of engineering and architecture of a retail chain that owns 4500 stores – with INTK currently preparing the specifications standards. The company has also finalized a partnership with a UK based company that provides energy saving solutions to Buckingham Palace and Windsor Castle. With Burchill set to meet the undisclosed partner this month, he is bullish “this is only the beginning of a very significant revenue burst over the next 3-5 years.”

In terms of its future outlook, INTK is in good position to become a potential global leader in the industry. Now that the company is already expanding into Europe, it has plans in place to penetrate the lucrative Asian market. As a matter of fact, INTK recently announced the CEO’s upcoming trip to South Korea which includes numerous meetings with some of the world’s largest shipbuilders. Given that the company’s thin and light thermal insulation increases carrying capacity per vessel, INTK is quickly establishing its competitive advantage in major areas around the world.

*Updated May 13th


Considering the growing fear of global warming’s impacts, companies are becoming more aware of the potential threats of climate change. At the same time, ongoing geo-political unrest – chiefly between Russia and Ukraine – has led to major energy supply chain woes causing energy to climb to record highs. As companies look for new ways to hedge the risks of global warming and supply chain issues, INTK is capitalizing on these needs with its products and services designed to reduce their carbon footprint. 

Using nanotechnology, INTK is positioning itself to witness more growth in the coming years as demand rises for its energy efficient products. It is worth mentioning that nanotechnology is believed to play a pivotal role as part of the world’s decarbonization tool kit. Since nanomaterials contain properties integral for developing eco-friendly products, INTK’s technologies are in line with the global vision of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and carbon dioxide emissions by 45% from 2010 levels by 2030. 

In the latest United Nations Climate Change Conference of the Parties, countries across the world focused on utilizing new technologies – including nanotechnology – to reduce GHG emissions. In light of this vision, INTK stock could be one of the stocks to watch in 2022 due to its unique portfolio of products and services.


With this in mind, INTK received a request for specifications for a tank project from Pemex. As Mexico’s state-owned oil and gas company, Pemex had assets worth $96.8 million and generated $44.3 million in 2021. Given Pemex’s significance as a global oil giant, this could be an opportunity for INTK to increase its reputation globally. 

On that note, INTK and Pemex previously worked together from 2012 to 2014  to develop a new insulation protocol for Pemex’s subsea pipelines. This project was forecast to generate over $50 million in annual revenues. INTK also applied its “High Heat” coating on Pemex’s pipes, tanks, and valves for thermal insulation as well as corrosion protection, which led the company to project annual revenues of $17 million for its work on this project. 

However its earlier projects with Pemex was put on hold. Now that it is renewing its working relationship with the company, INTK expects to generate $5-10 million in revenues from Pemex this year. Looking towards 2023, the company expects Pemex will become a major revenue stream for the company – possibly exceeding 2014’s projections of $67 million. It seems that this partnership is another step towards achieving INTK’s revenue projections for the year and many are bullish that INTK stock will be one to watch given these major deals.

Superbonus 110 Program

Despite the company’s recent news, INTK has a number of major catalysts brewing. By the end of Q2, INTK is expected to begin sales for its Superbonus 110 program in Italy and other EU countries with energy efficiency programs. INTK has had to wait until the end of Q2 as the application of EnergyProtect can only be done in warm weather when there is no possibility of cold temperature. As a result, INTK expects to realize the majority of this project’s revenues by early Q4

Cruise Lines

On top of this, INTK is finalizing the requirements of working with Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines and expects to begin sales to this customer later this quarter. Meanwhile, Burchill is currently in Spain exploring opportunities to capitalize on. With the company ramping up its efforts to grow globally, INTK stock is one of the stocks to watch in 2022.


Although most of the company’s large projects are outside the US due to energy regulations, INTK is looking to capitalize on US companies’ renewed focus on sustainability. Given that US companies are looking for innovative ways to save energy, INTK’s products and expertise could position the company for expansion across the US as well.

Share Buyback

In other news, many investors are watching INTK stock closely in anticipation of a share buyback on June 1st. Given the company’s current OS of 3 billion OS, this share buyback means INTK stock is one of the stocks to watch over the next few weeks for a possible run up. Additionally, INTK is set to deliver on its promise of a stock dividend to its shareholders which has been increased from 6.7% to 7.5%.. With the dividend expected to be paid by the company’s shareholder event on May 26th, INTK stock is shaping up to be one of the stocks to watch this year.

*Updated May 24th

Given the company’s plan for a share buyback starting on June 1st, INTK engaged Wilson-Davis & Co. to execute the buyback. INTK intends to release a press release with more updates on the matter as well as the name of its PCAOB auditor. Following the audit of its financials, INTK plans to apply for an NYSE uplisting during Q1 2023. In light of this, INTK stock will definitely be one of the stocks to watch in 2022 as the company works towards these goals.

However, many shareholders are concerned that INTK has been issuing shares. This does not appear to be the case since legacy shareholders are likely redeeming their certificates for shares. While this has caused some concern, the company’s buyback of shares in June is a major catalyst that will likely offset this. Additionally, if this is not dilution and merely share conversion then the company’s overall OS should not change. This and other issues will hopefully be addressed at INTK’s shareholder meeting on May 26th.

Meanwhile, INTK is undertaking hiring for some key positions to help the company meet the needs of its clients and pipeline of projects. Many of the positions INTK is looking to fill are related to enterprise account management in various locations throughout Europe, South Korea, and the UAE. Additionally, INTK is looking for sales executives in the US. With this in mind, many investors are bullish on the company’s hiring as a sign of its expansion in these key areas.

The company has also confirmed its dividend distribution date for June 6th, 2022.

INTK Stock Financials

Although the company expected to realize revenues in 2022 from its 2021 growth efforts, INTK fared well in its latest annual report. In terms of revenues, INTK reported $385.7 thousand – a 67.9% increase from 2020. Despite this, INTK reported a net loss of $297.1 thousand due to increasing operating costs. 

While the company grew its assets to $348.5 thousand, INTK increased its liabilities from $928.5 thousand to $1.1 million. However, these liabilities could be offset by INTK’s financial performance in 2022. With Q1 financials set to be filed by May 15th, many investors expect a solid financial report from INTK. As INTK shared with its shareholders, it is currently focused on “making sure Q2 ‘22 revenue follows Q1 ‘22 $3 million+ revenue with minimum 100% increase”. Following this, the company plans to pursue a financial audit and uplist.

*Updated May 20th

Q1 Report

INTK delivered on its projections after showing major financial growth in a number of key metrics in Q1. In terms of revenues, INTK reported $3 million compared to $385.7 thousand the quarter before. At the same time, INTK reduced its operating costs from $474.6 thousand to $195.9 thousand – yielding $1.6 million in net income from operations for Q1.

Meanwhile, INTK reported $3.5 million in assets – a major increase from $348.5 thousand in Q4. However, INTK witnessed an increase in its liabilities from $1.1 million in Q4 to $2.7 million in Q1. Given that the company expects to realize revenues of $6 million and continue growing its revenues by 100% in the following quarters, INTK stock could be one of the stocks to watch in 2022 in anticipation of major financial growth.

Media Sentiment

@nxtplse is bullish on INTK’s chance of securing projects in Spain with new EU funding

@BMoeKnows clarifies that legacy shareholders are likely cashing in on their certificates

Technical Analysis

stocks to watch INTK stock

INTK stock is currently trading at $.0189 and shows supports at .017 and .0151. The selling pressure has pushed it down since the end of April but as the selling nears an end, INTK stock could see a major run. INTK stock was quickly bought up when pushed down to its support at .015 which shows this is a price with strong demand. In preparation of the stock’s upcoming catalysts and share buyback, bullish investors could increase their position considering that INTK is down 35% from the end of April. As is the stock shows resistances at .02, .0211, and .025

stocks to watch INTK stock

The RSI is at 42 and the MACD is bearish. Accumulation has not been steady but is showing an uptick after some volatility. Following the shareholders meeting on the 26th, INTK stock could run on good news. As is, INTK has an AS of 3.7 billion and an OS of 3 billion. Currently 1.8 billion shares are unrestricted and 1.1 billion are restricted.

INTK Stock Forecast

Considering the company’s history of securing profitable deals and landing global customers in lucrative industries, INTK is considered to be an OTC favorite and could recover quickly along with the market. Additionally, INTK stock looks promising after its impressive Q1 performance and goals for the next quarter.

On that note, many investors are anticipating its shareholders meeting as INTK intends to release updates on its Caterpillar project, railroad car project, and its revenue projections. With a profitable deal signed with Pemex, INTK is well-positioned to achieve significant revenue growth in 2022. As the company’s shareholder event and the share buyback are quickly approaching, many shareholders are confident that once legacy shareholders finish redeeming their shares INTK stock could regain ground and push back to $.03

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