With new products in stock, and business talks to market those products to private labels and multinational companies, QED Connect, Inc. (OTC:QEDN) continues to hold investors’ attention. Their investment in GMS Green Mind Solutions SAS – a Colombian company developing alternatives to illegal crops such as Coca leaves – has spurred QEDN to promote their brand GMSacha Inchi across different markets. Currently trading at $0.0028, QEDN has a market cap of $6 million, and investors are keeping an eye on it as one of the stocks to watch.


Verifying its profile in April, QEDN is currently pink limited due to delays in filing its disclosures. But the company’s CEO – Katharina (Kate) Nanny Bahnsen – has announced that QEDN should be back as pink current by the end of the month.

The company has signed a letter of interest to purchase the entire production of Sacha Inchi (a vegan seed rich in Omegas 3, 6, and 9) from the mining joint venture B2Gold (OTC:BTG) and AngloGold Ashanti (OTC:AU). This crop was developed in conjunction with Colombian farmers as an alternative crop to cocoa leaves which has become illegal.

QED Connect initially invested with the Colombian crop developer, GMS Green Mind Solutions SAS, to develop new products such as snacks, powders, and beverages from the seeds. Creating the current Colombian brand GMSacha Inchi in the process, QEDN markets these products to private labels and multinational companies. Although the company had acquired all the assets of the La Palmichala Mine, the mining operation was moved to a private company to allow QEDN to focus on the GMSacha Inchi Snack, GMSacha Inchi Powder and GMSacha Inchi Beverage.

QEDN is in the process of marketing its products and is making notable progress according to its CEO. GMSacha Inchi was approved as a vendor on Exito.com which allows the company to reach over 6.6 millions clients with its products. It also recently announced that the first batch of GMSacha Inchi beverage packs by the end of October. For this reason the company is working with Nutresa’s division – Evok – to include the GMSacha Inchi Beverage as one of their products for 2022.

According to its filings, QEDN is technically not a shell company given its business plan, $160 thousand in assets, and reported operating expenses of $30 thousand. As the Sacha Inchi products are marketed via Rangeme to Target, HyVee, GNC, Whole Foods, Nestle, and many others QEDN could develop greater brand awareness.

Bahnsen has also announced a move into the animal market by creating GMSacha powder supplements which help dogs maintain a healthy weight. The pet and animal product market is lucrative and rapidly expanding so it is a promising sign that QEDN is showing signs of innovation and proactivity by developing products for this unique niche.

Media Sentiment

Despite recent dips, investors like @Jcazz17 have faith in the stock’s performance – looks like this is definitely one of the stocks to watch.

Technical Analysis

stocks to watch QEDN chart

QEDN is currently trading at $0.0028 after peaking this month at $0.0044. The stock has two immediate support lines at $0.0027 and $0.0026 respectively. The accumulation seems to have plateaued, fluctuating within a narrow range. The MACD has witnessed a bullish crossover recently with signs of recovery. The RSI is currently at 50.22, with signs of increasing soon.

Should You Buy?

QEDN has recently witnessed negative technical trends with value, accumulation, and RSI slumping. However, the stock is expected to become current any day now and has clear plans for expansion. QEDN’s interest in the animal health and wellness market is particularly promising. Investors may be taking a risk by ignoring these temporary negative indicators, but bullish investors may see a return on investment if QEDN’s line of products develops a following among consumers. In this case, QEDN is one of the stocks to watch since it could hit its resistance of $.0044 as it becomes current.


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