Nouveau Life Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (OTC: NOUV) was previously a developer of hardware solutions. They operated in a unique niche, targeting building automation and energy consumption. However, the company currently has no operations. NOUV started the day trading at $0.0017, but has since shot up over 50%. It is currently trading at $0.0027, making it one of the penny stocks under 10 cents to watch out for.


Although the company has no operations, they have plans to merge with an operating business. According to the annual report, NOUV aims to conduct a reverse merger by Q4. As it stands, the operating company and terms of the transaction have yet to be determined.

But NOUV’s areas of interest include mining, crypto-currency operation, green energy, digital banking, real estate lending, residential, commercial, and industrial sectors. Currently, Pao Group (OTC: PAOG) is using “CBD nutraceutical developments” originating from a CBD intellectual property acquisition obtained from NOUV. While its unclear what direction NOUV may be heading next, investors have been showing a excitement in anticipation of its upcoming merger.

Another particularly appealing aspect of NOUV has been its planned share reduction. On September 3rd, the company revealed that its custodian – Alpharidge Capital – has about 3.3 billion shares for cancellation that it suspects “were fraudulently and/or improperly issued”. When the share cancellation comes to fruition is now dependent on attorneys and court orders, but the reduction will notably impact the stock’s float. Currently NOUV has a market cap of 32.8 million, with 11 billion authorized shares and a float of 6.1 billion.

NOUV is another custodianship play from Frank I Igwealor who has a solid track record of successfully carrying companies through the custodianship process. With over 26 years of management accounting and finance or consulting experience for OTC companies, Igwealor is well-known among investors. Most recently his company Video River Networks (OTC:NIHK) has branched into the EV sector with NIHK Motors.

Many believe NOUV will become pink current within the next few days following its recent disclosures. This has brought a massive amount of attention and volume to the stock as it prepares for the next of its runup.

Media Sentiment

@greatstockpicks has been tracking NOUV’s progress from the Earth to the stars…next stop the moon.

Technical Analysis

stocks under 10 cents NOUV chart

Starting the day at $.0017, NOUV increased in value by over 50% in one day and is currently trading at $.0027. It’s current resistance point is also .0027, with a support line at .0014, and a secondary support line at .0012. Accumulation is witnessing an upward trend following the MACD’s bullish crossover on September 22nd. The RSI is currently at a staggering 83.17 showing the amount of demand for this stock.

Should You Buy?

Given NOUV’s recent gains, many investors are waiting to see where the company will go next. With a share reduction coming up and a likely merger announcement after becoming current with the OTC Markets, NOUV has a list of catalysts that will likely continue pushing the stock to new heights. Having already broken through its resistance point by reaching its 52-week high, NOUV could continue to climb to new heights.

NOUV’s sectors of interest are currently very promising industries but its new sector will only be revealed after it becomes current. With these upcoming catalysts investors could invest now but it NOUV may dip with a loss of momentum. NOUV may break through its resistance at $.0027 and surpass $.003 soon depending on these catalysts making it one of the stocks under 10 cents to watch out for.


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