Sugarmade (SGMD) reports shareholders yesterday with the excellent performance of BudCars. August ended with even better results than the previous months. In July, the total gross sales of BudCars was over $660k, representing 32% sequential monthly top-line growth. August’s total sales, as well as total gross profits, grew by more than 30% m/m for the 4th consecutive month.

Just have a look below on the fantastic numbers of the July-August Performance:

  • The total gross sales of BudCars in July was $662,836.
  • This July’s total gross sales represented 32% month-over-month (MoM) sales growth (compared to sales in June 2020).
  • The total gross profits of BudCars in July was $310,489.
  • This July’s total gross profit represented 36% month-over-month (MoM) gross profit growth (compared to gross profits in June 2020).
  • The average daily gross sales went up 32% m/m to 22095 dollars.
  • Total customer tickets went up 33% m/m to 5579.

The CEO of Sugarmade (SGMD) reports, Jimmy Chan, said that August was once again a great success for BudCars as there was tremendous growth in every major metric. He further went on and said that the increment in gross margins that we witnessed demonstrated another month-over-month (MoM) performance on the top and bottom line.

Management noticed that August data second-derivative characteristics were similar to the trends seen in June and July for BudCars, with sharp sequential monthly gains in margins, pricing, total customer tickets, average daily sales, and topline sales. The duration of this continued growth curve continues to prove that the company is doing a fantastic job in pulling customers from its competitors as well as maintaining those customers. Whoever is handling customer aquistion and retetnion over there, is doing a role model job of it.

August has been a month of success, well above the forecast model of the Company, for the 4th time in a row, and not only in one or two metrics, but across every tracked metric. For those reasons and more SGMD is recommended Buy from us at Penny Stocks Today.

The CEO of Sugarmade, Jimmy Chan, made another statement. Jimmy Chan said that it should be noted that the month in which we operated BudCars- Cannabis Delivery Service for the first time was April 2020. The gross profits and sales of August were twice the gross profits and sales of April. This speed of growth suggests that there will be another potential doubling by October on a per-location basis, and we will operate additional locations by then to compound that growth.

About Sugarmade (SGMD)

Sugarmade (SGMD) reports reports is a product and branding marketing platform that invests in technologies and operations with disruptive potential. According to Sugarmade, “it takes bold moves to meet customers’ expectations and outsmart competitors, and these bold moves are Iconic moves.”
The Company’s portfolio includes, SugarRush™ and if you need to read another artical related by this artical

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