Founded in 2000, Cyberlux Corporation (OTC: CYBL) specializes in designing, developing, and marketing portable lighting products. But CYBL is a particular favorite among investors because it produces a line of tactical lighting products for various branches of the US military and government making it a Department of Defense (DoD) supplier. The company has also been making investments in the growing spaces of unmanned aircraft systems, renewable energy, and high bandwidth infrastructure. After surprising investors by exceeding revenue expectations for the month of October, CYBL stock saw a 13% increase making it one of the few good penny stocks on the rise.


CYBL recently announced its major accomplishment in an update for shareholders, sharing that the company exceeded October’s revenue expectations by $0.9 million and its year-to-date revenue by $1 million. CYBL’s CEO Mark Schmidt marked the occasion by saying it “was an exceptional month by all measures”, before going on to mention the company’s new funding from RB Capital Partners, Inc. for about $4.5 million. Currently, CYBL intends to use this funding to accelerate its overall growth plans.

The company also completed two acquisitions recently. This has brought HAVAS Group S.A.S. – a renewable energy financing company located in Colombia – under CYBL’s wing, allowing it to build out the Cyberlux renewable infrastructure capability platform. The company has plans to expand its network across South America and believes that this acquisition will help it implement its renewable infrastructure technology which includes solar, wind, and hydroelectric infrastructure projects.

A specific benefit of the acquisition was the rights to three projects with over 100 hectares of renewable energy property. With three projects already in progress, CYBL will implement its new technology to generate over 100MW of electric power and $6 million in revenue over the coming year.

Before that, CYBL completed its acquisition of FBD Group SHPK to create a new business unit – Cyberlux Infrastructure Technology Solutions (Cyberlux ITS) – to facilitate the use of Cyberlux infrastructure technologies across the globe. FBD Group SHPK is a global telecommunications, infrastructure, software and service provider. But is breaking into the developing space for 5G technology. This acquisition is important for CYBL as it develops its unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) because 5G technology will be an important component of aircraft guidance systems.

This acquisition could also open the door for CYBL to develop its supplier relationship with military departments thanks to FBD Group SHPK‘s ongoing work on an infrastructure project at one of Europe’s strategic NATO military bases. With its background in telecommunications infrastructure and software applications, this acquisition could be an important stepping stone for CYBL as it develops its global presence.

CYBL Stock: Future Outlook

As per its Operation Alpha 2021 plan, CYBL is currently pursuing 3 priority goals: drive growth, address target markets, and gain business velocity. CYBL has already made a lot of progress in meeting these goals but is planning to grow even more by continuing its work with governmental agencies as well as through joint ventures and acquisitions.

This plan incorporates roles for each of CYBL’s four divisions, which together capture different aspects of the global technology market. Its FlightEye UAS Solutions department manufactures advanced sensors while providing data capture and intelligence services. As unmanned aviation progresses, this industry is expected to reach a market value of $ 36 billion by 2030.

Meanwhile, its Advanced Lighting Solutions division meets the needs of militaries and governmental agencies such as the National Guard, US Marine Corps, and Air Force. This leaves Infrastructure Technology Solutions to produce solar and renewable energy infrastructure cross North and South America while its Infrastructure Software Solutions develops UAS Guidance System Software. Each of these divisions is targeting a high growth market with the work done by its Infrastructure Technology Solutions division expected to reach a market value of around $341 billion by 2025.

CYBL is targeting new acquisitions that will facilitate the growth of its renewable energy and infrastructure projects in its focus regions. With this in mind the company has set the goal of expanding into Ecuador or El Salvador by Q4 and Brazil, Panama, or Peru in the first half of 2022. It is also planning to make acquisitions in the solar energy sector during Q4 and the DOD market in the first half of 2022.

Media Sentiment

CYBL’s progress and reputation as a company has inspired loyal shareholders like @InvestorGroup15.

Technical Analysis

CYBL stock chart

CYBL stock is currently trading at $.0431 and has a primary support at $.042 with a secondary support at $.039. CYBL stock has a primary resistance formed near $.0456 with a secondary resistance at $.048. The MACD recently had a bullish crossover and the RSI is near 62 as accumulation shows a slight uptick.

Should You Buy

CYBL is a communicative company that regularly updates its shareholders on its quarterly progress – giving it a loyal following among FinTwit investors. Considering that CYBL has continued to pinpoint its goals and work towards them, this company has a lot of potential – especially if it continues to foster its relationships with the military and governmental organizations. With news of its revenue excess, CYBL stock has seen a 13% increase and could continue to rise on good news, potentially retesting its resistance at $.045.


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