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TGGI Stock – A NASDAQ Dream

TGGI stock

With a mission to become a globally-recognized brand, Trans Global Group Inc (OTC: TGGI) has focused its efforts on becoming a NASDAQ listed company. The man behind this ambitious goal is China’s famous entrepreneur and ex-singer – Chen Ren – who has been adopting an aggressive growth-by-acquisition model since the company’s start. Since the company is based in China, there is little communication between the company and its shareholders. However, the TGGI stock forecast appears to be brighter than ever now that the company finally announced its reverse merger with Southsea Global Limited. As investors are anticipating more news regarding acquisitions, TGGI stock could be one to hold this year.

TGGI Stock News

Back in Q3 2020, Chen Ren purchased 93.8% of TGGI’s outstanding voting equity for $150,000 – with the goal of positioning the company for listing on the NASDAQ. To satisfy his passion for wine, Chen Ren left the music business behind to found Zuixiangui wines – a wine company based in Shenzhen, China also known as China’s “Liquor Capital”. Zuixiangui originally operated as a holding company with a focus on acquiring Chinese liquor companies. Only a few months after Chen Ren’s purchase, TGGI became current with the OTC and was well-positioned to grow beyond the Chinese market. However, as of now, Zuixiangui has reportedly expanded its operations with a portfolio of diverse subsidiaries and continues to grow through mergers and acquisitions with promising companies.

According to its website, Zuixiangui owns the Zuixiangui Liquor Brewing Base which includes production workshops, wine warehouse workshops and packaging workshops covering an area of ​​more than 49 acres with an annual output of over 4,000 tons. The company uses its patented technology to remove impurities from the wine which improves the taste and quality as well.

The company also owns an international holding business center, a Shenzhen alcohol marketing center, a VIP Club, and ZuiXianGui International Holdings Limited. In the past, TGGI’s CEO – Chen Ren – has also visited with Mr. Zhang Bin, Chairman of Guangdong Jashili Nano New Materials Co., Ltd. to explore opportunities in the nano-water paint materials and decorative materials industry. Zuixiangui has also met with Shaanxi Camellia Brewing Industry – a producer of tea wines and promoter of tea culture – to discuss the company’s new economic model and held a project launch conference for its Community Smart Wine Cabinet to facilitate alcohol sales.

Although the company has not been actively sharing updates with its shareholders in the US, some investors have speculated that Ren was working to finalize a deal to reverse merge with Southsea Global Limited to help the company grow. These speculations were based on a photo shared via the company’s WeChat displaying Southsea Global below TGGI on a chart. Now these speculations appear to have been confirmed since TGGI shared an 8K regarding its reverse merger with Southsea

According to this deal, TGGI issued 1.4 billion shares to Southsea’s sole shareholder ZXG Holdings Limited which is wholly owned by Woo Shuk Fan. As a result, TGGI is no longer a shell company since the company intends to start offering ZuiXianGui wines in the US market. Considering Zuixiangui’s impressive portfolio of subsidiaries, many investors are bullish the reverse merger could trigger a run for TGGI stock as investors anticipate additional filings and press releases.

One of the companies which could be included in the resulting conglomerate is Shenzhen Baoyuanjin Industrial which presents considerable upside potential. Mainly engaged in processing mobile phones, auto parts, and aerospace products, Shenzhen Baoyuanjin Industrial has 18 patents including 3 core invention patents. In light of this, TGGI stock could be one to watch this year as the company becomes more active in the US market.

Out of Shenzhen Baoyuanjin Industrial’s many patents, investors are most excited for a patent linked with nano-bonding titled “A method of forming nano-holes on the surface of metal substrates”. As nano-bonding has applications for power generation, this patent could prove to be very profitable in the long-run. As is, the company has a customer list which includes Google, Samsung, Lenovo, as well as LG. With this in mind, the Shenzhen Baoyuanjin Industrial subsidiary could prove to be pivotal for TGGI’s growth.

Moreover, Zuixiangui is developing a new website targeting wine enthusiasts in the US and Europe which could bring the company’s premium wine to new audiences globally. In this way, TGGI could be well on its way to transforming itself into a global conglomerate capable of realizing considerable revenues annually from its subsidiaries. If this is the case, then TGGI stock could prove to be one of the most valuable long-term holds in the OTC as 8Ks regarding its acquisition roll out.

Looking to achieve its goal of uplisting to the NASDAQ over the next 3 years, Zuixiangui has partnered with the well-known Singaporean audit firm Enrome LLP to ensure that the company’s operational data is compliant. Given that TGGI has already begun working with auditors, this could be a sign that the company is accelerating its efforts for uplisting.

TGGI has already filed a form 10 with the SEC to become eligible for OTCQB listing which could be the first step in TGGI’s journey to the NASDAQ. But investors are especially bullish on TGGI stock since this form stated TGGI’s plans for acquiring a company based in the British Virgin Islands.

Media sentiment

@paulseo403 believes TGGI stock could witness a run similar to ALPP’s in 2021.

@ClairvoyantINVT is bullish on TGGI stock’s upside potential in light of its potential acquisitions. 

Technical Analysis

TGGI stock chart

TGGI stock price is currently at $.0106 with supports at .0088 and .006. Meanwhile, the stock shows resistances near .0115, .0149, and .0208. After finally filing the anticipated 8K, TGGI stock climbed by as much as 58% thanks to the company’s potential following the reverse merger. With investors anticipating additional acquisitions in the near future, TGGI could be one to hold onto for the long-term. TGGI recently broke through its support following its run near $.015. Considering the gap on the chart, TGGI could further drop near $.009 which could be an ideal entry point for investors bullish on the company’s upside potential. 

TGGI stock chart

Despite the positive news from the company, accumulation went on a steep downward trend due to investors selling the news before witnessing a slight uptick and the MACD is bearish. The RSI cooled off significantly from 89 to 55 which shows that the stock could be set for a run in the near future. As for its share structure, TGGI has an OS of 22.1 billion and a float near 7.1 billion.

TGGI Stock Forecast

TGGI shows a lot of potential and with its dedicated management it might prove itself to be a good investment in the long run. Moreover, investors are confident in Chen Ren’s management and how he shows them that his main concern is growing the company creating value for them. TGGI stock could be extremely undervalued at the moment if the company stayed true to its words and uplisted to the NASDAQ. With the reverse merger with Southsea closed, TGGI could be on track to deliver additional acquisitions soon to build its NASDAQ conglomerate.

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