Unless you living under a rock, you must be familiar with what’s happening with the Gamestop and AMC stock the past couple of weeks, but in case you havent here is a quick refresher of modern version of the David vs Goliath story thats unfolding right now.

So in a nutshell, Gamestop has experienced falling revenues for the past couple of years mostly for its inability to adapt to the shift of games sales from brick and mortar stores to online sales. This lead most investment firms to start shorting the stock expecting the bankruptcy of Gamestop to be a matter of time. The thing is, they got greedy and at one point 114% of the stock was shorted, you read that right more shares were shorted than what actually exists. Enter Ryan Cohen, the founder, and owner of the multibillion-dollar chewy.com who bought 10% of GameStop, turned the company to the right track and struck a huge licensing deal with Sony. But still, the short positions remained, as matter of fact they increased a bit. While that was unfolding a popular subreddit by name of r/wallstreetbets, took notice of the situation and figured out the company is being way over shorted on solid grounds or merits and launched the infamous short squeeze plan that is unfolding right now. The movement became more symbolic than it is financial, it became a story of the little guy vs the big investment bankers who manipulate the markets to line their pockets.

Now that you are all caught up, this is not happening with GameStop alone but dozens if not 100s of other stocks on a daily basis. And in the Penny Stock World, the stock that’s being shorted as hard and maliciously as GME is Ultrack Systems (OTC: MJLB).

Before we dive into the shorts and why MJLB is the GME of the penny market. Let us tell you a bit more the company and its fundamentals, so you can better understand why this is a company worth investing in and not shorted.

Ultrack systems, founded on February 14, 1989, and headquartered in Vaughan, Canada is in the business of GPS tracking solutions. The company’s activities include development, implementation and distribution of electronic monitoring and tracking systems for companies in the field of leasing, transportation, construction, disposal and others. Its hardware helps a range of customers in locating and tracking moving assets.

So far so good, a tech company in a $500 billion industry but what sets MJLB apart is these actions taken by the company in the past couple of months, actions that would send any stock through the roof.

1st of December 2020 – Acquisition

Ultrack systems have acquired and rebranded Vexxar GPS Tracking, a successful company operating in the transportation industry that provides tracking solutions for drive-ends and trailers with refrigeration (reefer) controls. The synergy between the brands the value that the added client base brings to the table should drive further advances and overall expansion, positioning MJLB as an emerging leader in the space.

In simpler terms a big acquisition, which as everyone knows usually sends the the company valuation up high.

Price per share: $0.006

16th of December 2020 – Fortune 500 Client

$25 Billion Telecommunications Conglomerate TELUS $TU announced their partnership with Ultrack systems. This partnerships marked a huge shift in Ultrack clients base. A partnership with one of the biggest telecommunication companies in Canada, is clear sign of the the strong fundamentals of the company, no multibillion company would join forces with a company without strong management and reputation.

In simpler terms a big client, which as everyone knows usually sends the the company valuation up high.

Price per share: $0.049

11th of January 2021 – Global Expansion

Ultrack Systems entered into a contractual agreement with both Kore Wireless and Iridium Satellite in a strategic effort to expand Ultrack services worldwide. With a contract with Kore Wireless that further opens up Ultrack’s coverage to an additional 180 countries worldwide. Leveraging the power of in-vehicle video analytics. Iridium Satellite currently trades on the NASDAQ and as of January 2021 had a market cap of about $5.3 billion.

In simpler terms worldwide customer base, which as everyone knows usually sends the the company valuation up high.

Price per share: $0.07

Weird right? Especially given that MJLB was trading at $0.12 on the 28th of December 2020, why did the price go down despite a major announcement?

We are not done yet, one more surprise to go!

January 14, 2021 – Debt Reduction

The Company also reached a decisive and favorable settlement with its key funder for a substantial debt reduction of $105,150.00. This was achieved by restructuring the debt in ways that will prevent any dilution through the issuance of the Preferred Series “A” class of shares. 

In simpler terms company has less debt and a better balance sheet, which as everyone knows usually sends the company valuation up high.

Price per share: $0.074

February 2, 2021 – 100M Outstanding shares reduced

The company has successfully completed the process of retiring 100,000,000 shares that are currently issued and considered “outstanding” with their corporate share structure. After completing this substantial reduction, the new current Outstanding Share total is approximately 275m.

In simpler terms worldwide improved share structure, which as everyone knows usually sends the company valuation up high.

Price per share: $0.065

Can you see what’s happening here now? No? Ill simplify.

Citi is leading the charge and using GTSM and CDEL to do some of the most egregious shorting we have seen in a while on the stock in this range.

Company dilution would not look anything like that, if it were the company they would much rather let the stock break out and sell at higher levels. They make more money that way, So in our opinion, it could not be more clear, this isn’t the company and it’s not retail.


If retail buyers continue to lean on institutional shorters, things should get very interesting here on $MJLB in a hurry! We will continue watching the short volume and update more very soon on $MJLB

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