The high volume penny stock to watch in August, Novation Holdings, Inc. (OTC: NOHO) is taking big strides to become a successful OTC stock. Suddenly dropping a series of quarterly and annual reports covering the time between 2018 and now, it is clear NOHO has something brewing behind the scenes.

A defunct company that is expected to be verified by the OTC in several weeks, NOHO has been pursuing a reverse merger, capital exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, or general reorganization since August 2018. But investors are particularly eager to see where this stock goes thanks to the addition of Caren Currier as NOHO’s new consultant. 

Caren Currier has earned an incredible reputation in the OTC as a merger guru. As the current CFO for the investment holding company FCCC, Inc. (OTC:FCIC) and One World Universe Inc. (OTC:OWUV), Currier has the experience and know-how to reliably get shell companies up to speed. Recently, we reported on Currier’s handling of King Resources Inc. (KRFG) and Kat Exploration Inc. (KATX), but Currier has a long history of overseeing successful mergers and investors are anticipating that this penny stock to watch, NOHO will soon be an addition to that list.

It’s worth noting the difference between Novation Holdings Inc. (NOHO) and Noho Inc. (OTC: DRNK) since both are receiving a lot of buzz in investor circles right now. Not to be confused with each other, Noho Inc. manufactures and sells energy drinks that combat the effects of hangovers, fatigues, and jet lag. In a shareholder call, the company recently reported preliminary discussions with a green renewable energy company that specializes in distributed renewable energy platforms.

Whereas, Novation Holdings Inc. has taken a dip in every pool there is. Originally incorporated in Delaware as Stanford Management Ltd. in 1998, NOHO later transferred to Florida. First, pursuing mineral properties acquisition and development plans, NOHO shifted in 2011 to the medical technology industry. It released a US Medical-Dental Fintech website in 2017 providing direct access to money and credit for healthcare providers, practices, clinics, and groups. 

However, NOHO has been inactive since 2018, reportedly assessing a variety of options that would help its public reporting status. Now with Caren Currier on board, the company is focused on preserving cash, making settlements with creditors, attempting to raise capital, and continuing the Company’s public reporting.

NOHO is also not limiting potential merger candidates based on industry or geographic region while pursuing a reverse merger, capital exchange, asset acquisition, stock purchase, or general reorganization. At this time, it seems likely that NOHO is renewing its search for a merger candidate that can bring value to the company and its shareholders. 

Because this company has been dormant for the past 4 years, few investors know about its upcoming plans. However, this information advantage is quickly disappearing as speculative investors seize the opportunity to buy in with expectations of a future merger. After briefly gapping up 60% yesterday, the stock settled at $.0007 –  40% higher than Friday’s closing price.  

Currently, its volume is at a shocking 1.45 billion which is almost 10 times that of its average 1.47 million volume. Clearly, word is getting out and investors are excited.  

The high volume penny stock to watch, NOHO is capped at $4.98 million with 15 billion authorized shares and 9.97 outstanding shares. It also appears to have unresolved convertible notes valued at $371,587, all of which are past the maturity date. With NOHO becoming pink current in a matter of weeks and an anticipated reverse merger, the stock could reach $.01 as soon as it becomes compliant with OTC regulations. 


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