For the last few months, something has been brewing behind the scenes for the hot penny stock to watch in July, Legends Business Group, Inc. (OTC:LGBS) which has recently come under new management. After announcing the departure of all officers, directors, and corporate security, Paul Bakajin has stepped in as CEO and director bringing his promising credit industry experience with him from APPJ. Bakajin has been working to make LGBS pink current again as rumors of potential mergers are encouraged by its updated filings on

Enter, LGBS

Headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada, LGBS has explored a diversity of opportunities ranging from energy generation, credit card services, and Cannabis. More recently the company has focused on supplying and renting office supplies such as copiers for businesses. However, until the company’s new website is revealed, speculation will continue about the future of Legends Business Group, Inc. and its direction under Bakajin. The market cap of LGBS is $21,228,166 as to date (July 15th). There are also two billion authorized shares with a float of 557,415,000. If you’re a fan of trading OTC stocks, then you’d know that a 500 million float is quite low. The low float and the fantastic share structure of this hot penny stock are amongst the reasons why it has been making some noise in the OTC market as of late. Moreover, after announcing via the company’s new OTCMarkets description that the company “is set to take on mergers and acquisitions”, the company’s stock has seen an appreciation of 1,000% since the beginning of 2021.

Why LGBS is a Hot Penny Stock

To give you a perspective on how much this stock has climbed, here’s the data: on January 14th LGBS closed at $0.0006 per share then two months laters it closed at $0.0024 per share. After quadrupling its value in only two months, LGBS peaked at $0.0137 on July 14th. If you had invested six months ago, your investment would now be up by over 1,000%. Along With the possible merger news and the upcoming website, It’s very likely that LGBS  will continue to gradually rise as future catalysts drive more excitement among the trading community.
One of the upcoming catalysts that investors of the hot penny stock LGBS are excited for, is that the company is waiting to come into compliance with SEC’s new rules and become pink current before revealing their future plans. Responding to a recent comment on the LGBS Twitter account asking if ”something big is coming” the company’s twitter account responded by saying it’s looking forward to it. As LGBS investors wait for its filings to drop, the price per share will likely still continue to rise before the filings are expected to bring in even more demand and investors – creating a window of opportunity. Once LGBS is Pink, investors are speculating that merger news could drop then. Which could take this stock to record breaking highs. In short, adding all the current and upcoming catalysts, low float, shares structure, and based on CEO Paul Bakajins July 8th comment restating that, “there is no stock split planned in the foreseeable future” it’s possible to see LGBS reach $.07 – $.10 on the rumor of a merger and its expected certification as pink current in the coming months.


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