Rising from the ashes of non-reporting, Oncologix Tech, Inc. (OTC: OCLG) put its pedal to the metal these last few days to become current with OTC regulations. Dropping seven disclosures in the last few days, the OTC stock poised for growth has met its reporting obligations and sealed the deal with an attorney letter just yesterday. Now it’s only a matter of time before the OTC updates the OCLG to pink current.

Put under the custodianship of Alpharidge Capital, LLC – owned by Frank I Igwealor, OCLG’s charter was reinstated on June 25, 2021 with the state of Nevada. The OTC stock was recently allowed to submit its filings and in the span of seven days has already met all deadlines. As promised, OCLG’s leadership dropped its filings yesterday and now potential investors have a clear view of the company’s financial state.

Oncologix Tech, Inc. is a diversified medical holding company incorporated in the state of Nevada. The company provides cost-effective medical supplies and services, a staff of qualified medical professionals, and advanced medical equipment.

The company has three subsidiaries in the medical field, which has seen increased demand throughout the pandemic. Each subsidiary targets a different age group allowing OCLG to provide comprehensive services through Advanced Medical Products & Technologies, Inc., Esteemcare, and Amian Angels Inc. 

Formed in 2014, Advanced Medical Products & Technologies, Inc. (AMPT) is a Phoenix, Arizona based wholly-owned, operating division of Oncologix Tech, Inc. It’s sole mission is to distribute and sell Durable Medical Equipment (DME) and Home Medical Equipment (HME). Delivering high-quality medical technologies and products designed for all segments of the healthcare industry, AMPT provides its products to all Medicare licensed retail locations to reach the maximum number of consumers and patients. 

Recently, its services have expanded to include wholesale/commercial distribution centers serving all institutional healthcare and medical providers throughout the U.S. It also targets an online and international audience with e-commerce sales which promote existing and new technologies to all segments of the market.

Currently, AMPT is seeking out undervalued acquisitions to penetrate the top 20 demographic regions serving the elderly and baby boomer populations. They plan to expand operations to include distribution entities and licensing rights for advanced medical technologies. 

OCLG’s second subsidiary, Esteemcare, provides home medical equipment for sleep and respiratory therapies. Esteemcare specializes in durable medical equipment, supplies and services that treat obstructive Sleep Apnea. Delivering high quality oxygen equipment, a large selection of mask interfaces and supplies, personalized treatment plans, as well as continuous monitoring and support, Esteemcare has likely experienced greater demand due to the respiratory distress caused by the long-term effects of Covid-19.

Located in South Carolina, Esteemcare’s on-going vision is to not only dispense medical equipment but to also provide patients with a high level of support and education as part of a therapeutic program. Similarly, they are looking to partner with physicians and sleep labs by providing ongoing data indicators that improve the benefits of therapy for their patients.

Lastly, Amian Angels Inc. is OCLG’s subsidiary committed to personal homecare; offering patients the opportunity to be surrounded by comfort and security throughout their care. Connecting clients with qualified CNAs and PCAs, Amian Angels Inc. provides elderly or disabled patients with companionship, personal care assistance, and Alzheimer’s support that promotes personal dignity and independence. 

On the verge of becoming current, it’s predicted that the OTC stock, OCLG will start hitting $.02 by the end of this month if the company achieves pink status and announces a potential merger. The company’s quarterly report states that it “has notes and convertible notes and accrued interests related to the notes and convertible notes of $6,666,379” but because the company has been inactive for the last 4 years it expects these debts to be forgiven or cancelled through the custodianship court process.

This is great news for the company’s credibility and has buoyed investors’ faith as they’ve been buying the dip since July 29th, ultimately raising the PPS to its 52 week high at $.0140. With a market cap of 8.5 million, the company has 7 billion Authorized Shares of which only 773 thousand are outstanding. At this time, OCLG is seeing significant activity as the current volume is over double its average of roughly 79 million. 


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