A couple of months back we wrote about Greene Concepts Inc., ticker symbol INKW. Emphasizing how it was amongst the rising penny stocks of 2021. Consequently, INKW has been a force to reckon with ever since. However, to refresh your memories, let me remind you real quick about their business. INKW is a publicly traded company that owns and operates a bottling and beverage facility in Marion, North Carolina. Through their wholly owned subsidiary Mammoth Ventures Inc., INKW bottles and manufactures its own line of artesian bottled water called Be Water. All right, so far so good. however, what makes it “the Penny Stock to buy”?


As we wrote in our previous article on INKW, they were going out on all fronts. Which meant, INKW was making moves in the business, community, and Penny Stock world. They still are making moves, one could even argue, much better moves. The INKW business is currently thriving. Their sales were already at an all time high. Nonetheless, that didn’t stop them from wanting more. As their sales on amazon were thriving, INKW launched their own BE WATER store on the company’s website. Which in return increased their Pathways to distribute BE WATER to customers all over the U.S. As intended, the move helped INKW enhance the brand’s awareness and boost sales. Moreover, the store has been receiving positive reviews ever since its launch.

Business Moves

In another plan of taking their business to the next level and positioning themselves as the stock to buy and brand to trust. INKW recently increased the total number of Amazon Distribution Centers handling its artesian bottled water brand, BE WATER from six to NINE distribution centers. This deal is nothing short of astounding as it comes as an indicator to how well INKW is doing as a seller on Amazon. CEO of INKW, Lenny Greene has commented on this event saying, “Amazon continues to see the value in the sale of BE WATER and has rewarded us by opening up three more Amazon FBA distribution centers. Amazon has a total of 110 active fulfillment centers in the U.S. and we are in nine of them. Soon we will be in all 110 Amazon fulfillment centers allowing us to cover Amazon Prime members in most markets throughout the country.”

Lastly on the business side, INKW has lately added a new venue for customers to purchase BE WATER from. This new venue is the Amazon Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM) program. Introducing a new channel for supply when the demand was surging created a significant boost in sales for INKW. In short, INKW is taking every step it needs to enhance the company’s overall position in the market, increase ROI at every level, and become the Penny Stock to buy.

The Social Responsibility Leader

INKW has always been a leader when it came to social responsibility. From partnering with a trucking company to donate and send two truckloads of BE WATER to Houston, TX. in response to the Texas power outage and clean water crisis; To developing the Be Water Distribution program which helped present veterans with business opportunities. INKW recently went on another social responsibility venture. They partnered with another anonymous donor to send an entire truckload of BE WATER to the non-profit organization East Harris County Empowerment Council (EHCEC) in response to the winter storm Uri. The donation helped provide essential goods to communities who were left in ruins recently by Hurricane Harvey and the winter storm Uri.

Future Plans

Furthermore, INKW have put plans in motions to uplist to NASDAQ in the near future. With sales, partnerships, ROI, and brand awareness constantly rising; Uplisting to NASDAQ does not seem far fetched one bit. Not to mention the announcement of them planning to uplist in itself will begin helping INKW stock price jump up. Moreover, Lenny Greene recently stated, “We anticipate and are preparing for a massive upsurge in growth and sales. We maintain a straight course toward reaching the NASDAQ and carving out an even larger piece of the bottled water market set to reach $505.19 billion by 2028.”

Why INKW is a Penny stock to Buy

All the aforementioned ventures, sales, numbers, and plans are why I chose to label INKW as the Penny Stock to buy. Increasing inventory distribution to Amazon due to heavy demand, launching its own online store, adding another venue for product supply, planning to uplist for NASDAQ and helping out in the community as well. INKW has been constantly reassuring investors why it’s safe to trust and buy into it. Doing well in business is no easy task, but it’s not a rare thing either. However, being successful in business and continuously helping out your community is why INKW will always be a fan favorite.

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