Energy Management International, Inc. (OTC:ENMI) is a penny stock that has caused an uproar recently as rumors of a reverse merger continue to increase following the sale of 78.23% of the common stock and 89.29% of the Series A Preferred Stock by ENMI’s former CEO and sole owner, Barbara McIntyre Bauman. CEO of American Lithium Minerals, Manager of Searchlight Exploration, and President of Bonanza Goldfields Corp, Bauman’s lengthy experience as a mining executive hints at what direction ENMI may now be heading.

Designed to capitalize on asset acquisitions in gas-to-liquids processing, gas liquefaction, as well as oil and gas field development, the soaring penny stock ENMI focused its energy projects on North and South America. However, it has remained largely dormant since 2009. 

In selling her over 2 billion shares, Bauman resigned from all positions and Sally Lo has since become ENMI’s sole executive officer and director. Despite owning 700 million in commonstock and 1.22 million of Series A Preferred Stock, Lo is not the majority stockholder. Instead, Daily Success Development Ltd. has outdone her with 1.3 billion shares of common stock and 2.22 shares of Series A Preferred Stock.

Lo’s association with the reportedly dissolved Daily Success Development Limited, has inspired speculation as Shing Lee of Wuling Motors Holdings Ltd. is also listed as Daily Success Development’s director. Lee is considered a rising star thanks to his work with Electric Last Mile Solutions (Nasdaq: ELMS) which has recently been listed on the NASDAQ. 

The Hong Kong based Wuling Motors Holdings Ltd. specializes in manufacturing and trading automotive components, engines, and customized vehicles such as those used in the ELMS’ delivery system.

Both the Vice Chairman and CEO of Wuling Motors, Shing Lee is affiliated with at least four mining groups already. Feeling bullish, some speculate that the possible acquisition of ENMI by Wuling Motors Holdings Ltd. will drive ENMI share price to experience the same success.

Hypothesizing that this interest in the penny stock ENMI is connected to Bauman’s lithium mining experience, bullish investors are hopeful that Daily Success’s investment of $340k for a 56% stake in ENMI is a sign of even greater things to come. Already, copper, nickel and aluminum prices have been surging with anticipation for the Biden administration’s “Build Back Better” infrastructure plan as well as other, growing technology demands.

Spiking several times in April, $ENMI reached a high of $.12 on April 28th before dipping in May. Since then the stock has appreciated through June and July reaching an all time high of $.15 on July 26th with even more investors catching the news. With a market cap of $330.55k, $ENMI’s volume of 3,903,427 compared to its average volume of 1,783,527 shows a lot of market activity – likely encouraged by the stock’s 300% increase since June 1st.

At this rate, it’s possible to see ENMI reach $.8 or even a whole dollar by next month thanks to merger anticipation. Where it goes from there is yet to be seen, but if Shing Lee applies his expertise to Energy Management International, Inc. then we could be seeing ENMI going on a run like ELMS – currently trading at $9.13.


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