If you always missed getting early on big runs, today we have a company that is on the verge of a huge possible run. The penny stock TXTM is quickly gaining attention and a lot of investors are starting to take notice. What makes the TXTM so intriguing is that it has a lot of potential for growth. In the past week, we’ve been following ProText Mobility, Inc. (OTCM: TXTM). Our team analyzed the data and market trends, and it appears that TXTM has a good chance of breaking out. Before going over the details, here’s some background information about TXTM.

ProText Mobility, Inc. (TXTM) is a company that focuses on the development of pharmaceutical botanical medicines. The company is in the marijuana industry and focuses primarily on medical cannabis. With more acceptance of cannabis in the United States, this is a strong indicator and opportunity for the company to move forward. 

Another piece of information worth keeping a note of is that ProText Mobility has a joint venture or partnership with RSAMMD. This partnership allows RSAMMD to commercialize and test medical-grade cannabis using ProText Mobility’s products. How effective are these products? TXTM’s technologies have been said that their products have improved the absorption and bioavailability of the product by up to 15x.

Additionally, the management of TXTM is a pretty competent one. The CEO of TXTM is also the CEO of CYIO, which is another penny stock that you might’ve come across. From business ventures to solid financials and results, CYIO has been blooming lately. At one point CYIO’s share price climbed from $0.04 to $0.8! This just goes to show you the kind of businessman TXTM has as its CEO. 

Many Twitter investors claimed to have spoken with the CEO of the company about the upcoming filings. However, today right before market open it was confirmed by TXTM’s official twitter account that they will be dropping the filings before the end of this month. The tweet sent waves in the OTC twitter world with many OTC influencers jumping in and beginning to look deeper into the stock. In the last five trading days, volume for ProText Mobility, Inc. has been picking up while prices trended upward. It appears that there’s a lot going on behind the scenes. Now let’s go over the company’s security details and why TXTM could be a solid stock for a trade.

TXTM Stock Growth Potential

At the time of creating this video, ProText Mobility, Inc. is at $0.0017 per share. Before that, TXTM was lingering around $0.0013 to $0.0014 per share. With the upcoming filings, the price and volume are expected to continue moving up. According to OTCMarkets.com, TXTM has a market cap of approximately $9 million. 

The company has 10 billion authorized shares, 5.8 billion outstanding shares, and around 1.7 billion in float. While the number of shares might make new investors hesitate, keep in mind that  it is more than likely that the company management will announce a share reduction as they clean up the company.. At the moment, the momentum going around will likely bring the stock value upwards until the filings drop. After the filings we will likely see TXTM go for Pink current which is expected to make its stock price take another big leap. Pink doesn’t usually take too long after all the required filings are submitted, So it’s possible you could see this stock rise to $0.01 very soon. 


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