One of the top penny stocks today – LIG Assets Inc. (OTC: LIGA) – has caught investors attention after releasing its stellar Q3 report in October. Focused primarily on real estate and construction, LIGA implements renewable energy, sustainable home design, and green technologies. LIGA’s stock has seen a renewed surge after becoming re-verified as Pink current on November 8th – causing a 17.2% increase.


A fundamentally undervalued company, LIGA’s quarterly performance projects an expected net income of $12 million per year with 2.3 billion outstanding shares. The market cap is currently at $22 million which is much less than the $222 million market cap reached with a price earnings ratio of 18.40.

In light of this, LIGA should have a PPS closer to $.10 than its current value of only $.0095 making it one of the top penny stocks to invest in at the moment. Unlike many OTC companies, LIGA boasts consistent monthly revenues, no debt, no dilution due to its tight share structure, and $1.1 million cash on hand. The company’s liabilities have steadily decreased and only $644 thousand appear to remain while the company retains $3.3 million in total assets. The company sold its land in Brentwood, Tennessee in August which is one reason the company’s balance sheet was “dramatically improved”.

Some have pointed out that the company’s officers own more than 528 million common stock shares and if those are restricted then the public float would be reduced to only 1.83 billion. All in all, LIGA is a tempting investment based on its share structure and financials alone. But the company has a promising business enterprise as well which is one reason LIGA has goals of uplisting to the OTCQB by 2022.

At the moment, LIGA is positioning itself to enter the green, sustainable drywall business. Drywall is an essential construction element used in most buildings and the shift to sustainability is already hitting the home construction sector as the market for green building materials is expected to reach $573.91 billion by 2027. In light of this, LIGA has placed an emphasis on two of its divisions going forward: ForeverBoard Magnesium Oxide Drywall replacement and Ecoplast sustainable homes.

The latter – Ecoplast – are homes made from recycled plastic which can withstand 325 MPH winds and are very energy efficient. While these homes can serve the standard housing market, they are also well suited for the blossoming micro home and mobile home market.

Meanwhile, LIGA is looking to gain a market share in the rapidly growing ‘green’ drywall sector with its Magnesium Oxide drywall replacement – Foreverboard. Highly rot, mold, mildew, and fire resistant, this drywall has become a focus for the company as it anticipates spinning off its subsidiary – BGTV Direct – via a S-1 registration before EOY. This will leave the company with 19% of BGTV as a new stock and allow it to retain the $3 million purchase price in order to take an equity position in a larger ForeverBoard plant.

Foreverboard has been a long-term plan for the company since LIGA took an initial equity position in ForeverBoard California. Dating back to 2020, the company was given permission to construct four manufacturing facilities for the product and now it is looking to begin constructing a plant in Angola Indiana, and has a royalty agreement in place for the Shafter, California plant.

However LIGA has other subsidiaries, partnerships, and joint ventures as well such as its relatively overlooked partnership with Horton World Solutions which is in the process of completing a manufacturing facility to begin active marketing of ‘co-branded” HWS-LIGA homes.

This partnership is particularly exciting as HWS CEO –Terry Horton – stated, “The synergies between HWS and LIGA could not be more aligned.  The opportunity our companies have to pioneer a change in the housing industry could not come at a better time.” Pairing the visions of Robert Plarr and Terry Horton (co-founder of DR Horton NYSE: DHI) for sustainable housing designs has been in the works for LIGA and HWS since 2019 but was materially delayed by COVID-19.

The company has also has plans to build a sustainable model home in Panama City Beach that will survive a hurricane. This is a part of LIGA’s plans for marketing its steel frame Robert Plarr homes but labor and supply chain issues have made its immediate construction impractical.

LIGA’s President, Marvin Baker – who recently bought Simulated Environment Concepts Inc. (OTC: SMEV) – mentioned that several joint ventures and acquisitions will be announced soon. The company has also shared that it is in negotiations with various firms to merge their assets with its subsidiary LIG Developments to reinvigorate in it.

With so much in the works, it is in no surprise that LIGA has brought on Carey Cooley -CEO of Krisa Management and very well-known in the OTC community – to assist in managing LIGA through its rapid development. At this rate, LIGA could become one of the top penny stocks to invest in.

Media Sentiment

@cdntradegrljenn looks like most of the OTC has eyes on LIGA…

Technical Analysis

top penny stocks LIGA stock chart

Trading at $.0095, LIGA has a resistance at .0101 and a second at .0109. If it breaks through both, the stock could easily fly. It shows an immediate support at .0083 and a secondary support at .0074. The MACD had a bullish crossover and remains on the upside as accumulation consistently trends upwards. The RSI remains at 64.97. 

Should You Buy

LIGA is looking to be one of the top penny stocks after solidifying investors’ faith in the company through its long-term plans, many upcoming catalysts, and strong financials. As interest builds in this undervalued stock, LIGA could easily test its resistance at .0109 and see open sky from there. LIGA also offers a potential long-term investment as the company has plans to build out its sustainable housing designs and gain a market share in the lucrative sustainable drywall sector.


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