There is a reason why we love Ultrack Systems MJLB here at PST. The genius of Ultrack Systems MJLB . started at the very beginning since the day filed its disclosure and financials with OTC Markets which was a strategically done move so that Ultrack Systems MJLB could become a Pink Current Information Company and fuel the massive growth that it’s been having.

Ultrack Systems MJLB recently updated shareholders about the corporate events that happened recently. To move the business forward, these following events demonstrate significant strategic strides. Since the last corporate update ,has Ultrack Systems (MJLB) strategically launched many products. The Company plans on continuing this trend. Having said that, the Company launched:

GPS Tracking-Capable U990 4G Electronic Lock – MJLB Tech

U990 4g Electronic Lock is a 9mm 308 stainless steel mandrel. The product is ip67 waterproof and controls its locking mechanism from a web portal. Overall, it is a wonderful product, and it can be very handy for dry vans, yard gates, storage units, secure loads and much more.

U304 3/4g GPS Modem

MJLB U304 3/4g GPS Modem has some great features. The product can monitor tire pressure for up to 67 tires. It has dual temperature sensors with alarms. The alarms can be set anytime from the portal. What’s more, this product also features a fixed mount camera, four digital inputs/outputs, OBD2/J1939/CAN on-board engine information, RFID/iButton/card reader and remote starter disable/enable.

Solar Powered U103 3/4G GPS Tracker

This product has a big 15000mh internal battery. And i can be additionally powered, by using an optional 12V – 24V source.

In addition to a great new lineup, there is another reason we think MJLB is a buy. By 2020, the trucking industry has played a vital role by making sure that life-saving supplies were delivered promptly and on time. When people needed food and medical supplies, truckers saved the day. There are so many instances when truckers supplied food and medicines to people in need and deserve a lot of that credit. The products of Ultrack Systems have largely helped the trucking industry to keep moving forward and maintaining the essential supply chains without any trouble.

and its current shareholders are on excellent terms. The shareholders have supported the company during the pandemic period, and Ultrack Systems MJLB rewarded its loyal shareholders. To fuel its current growth and expansion, Ultrack Systems MJLB is taking on new investors as per their latest press release.

About MJLB

Ultrack Systems is based out of Concord, Ontario. It’s a publicly-traded company that is listed on the OTC MARKETS under the MJLB trading symbol. The Company provides GPS tracking solutions. Ultrack Systems MJLB helps companies grow by providing solutions in transportation, disposal, construction, leasing, and several other service-driven industries using their High end, electronic monitoring, and tracking systems. The web-based platform of Ultrack Systems includes live tracking, alerts, and reports. In a nutshell, Ultrack is pretty much committed to providing the best reporting systems and fleet tracking.

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