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Undervalued Stocks In The Music Industry

With a new trend emerging among celebrities and professionals a like, these musical artists are turning away from the major music labels and opting for independence instead. At the forefront of this transition is Sanwire Corporation (OTC: SNWR) which is capitalizing on this shift across the music industry through its subsidiary Intercept Music. This subsidiary provides Indie artists with all the services they could need from a label – cutting out the middle man and allowing artists to have more control over their careers. In light of this, SNWR could be one of the undervalued stocks given this platform’s potential.

SNWR Stock News

Focused on independent artists, SNWR provides Indie artists the services traditionally offered by music labels such as distribution, social media, marketing, and merchandising. All of these efforts are designed to appeal to an underserved segment of the music industry which is either overlooked or improperly managed by the established labels.

While the company offers Intercept’s services to both labels and artists, the platforms for each audience are different from one another. For instance, through the artist’s dashboard, they are able to monitor their streams, trends and monthly earnings. Another feature is the dashboard’s heat map which tracks trending songs and earnings across different time frames. Based on this, they can decide to distribute their music by ordering additional marketing services from Intercept.

This is achieved through the distribution giant – Ingrooves – which has access to more than 230 regions across over 80 services such as TikTok and Instagram stories. Clearly this is a very valuable service since more than 500 million Instagram users use Instagram stories every day and TikTok has 1 billion monthly active users. Often songs go viral because of their popularity on these platforms – potentially allowing emerging artists to capitalize on this popularity. Additionally, Intercept’s platform provides artists with major label marketing through ad campaigns, merch stores, and billboards which can be pivotal to becoming recognized and generating income as an artist.

Because Intercept is able to offer the same services but without the obligations that signing with a music label typically entails, this platform appeals to a wide audience of artists who value their artistic freedom and independence. SNWR already has a number of artists under its umbrella with Grammy nominations and top 100 tracks and as Intercept’s services become more well-known in the industry, its platform could attract more artists. This would in turn translate to new revenue streams for the company.

With this goal in mind, SNWR has partnered with music marketing giant Howard Rosen Promotion. A full-service radio and video promotion company, Howard Rosen Promotion was founded in 1985 and has helped many artists secure radio and video plays. These were instrumental in building the fanbases of major stars like Donna Summers, KISS, Prince, and Lionel Richie who benefited from Howard Rosen Promotion’s services.

Thanks to this partnership, this marketing giant’s experience and networks will be available to Intercept’s artists. Rosen himself is bullish on the partnership sharing that “Intercept Music has an incredible platform for promotion, but what I really love about this team is that they are driven to help artists make real money”.

Considering its partnerships with industry giants and plans for marketing its services, SNWR could be a stock to watch as its disruptive technology helps facilitate the shift away from major labels – potentially attracting a broad audience of independent artists paying for its services.

SNWR Stock Financials

According to its Q1 report, SNWR has $1.7 million in assets including $102.8 thousand in cash on hand. The company reported $3.3 million in liabilities but realized $63.6 thousand in revenues for Q1. It’s revenues could show an uptick in the coming quarters as the company markets its suite of artist and label services this summer. This could also help cut down on SNWR’s net loss which amounted to $770 thousand for the quarter. Considering that the company is in its early growth stages, SNWR has the potential to report much better financials in the future as it continues developing Intercept.

Media Sentiment

@BestDamnPenny believes that SYSX’s run could help boost SNWR’s run as well

Technical Analysis

undervalued stocks SNWR stock chart

Currently, SNWR is trending upwards after a steep sell off at the end of April. The stock is currently trading at .008 and has supports at .005, .0059, and .0074. The stock show resistances at .009 and .01. Because this is a low float, its possible for SNWR to move quickly on catalysts and it has already tested its resistance at $.01 a few times in 2022. The stock is also seeing higher volume having reached 1 million in volume on June 24th despite its average being 530 thousand.

undervalued stocks SNWR stock chart

This uptick on higher than average volume could be a sign of more to come for the stock. While its accumulation is seeing only a slight uptick, the MACD is bullish to the upside and the RSI is at 60. Currently SNWR has an AS of 2 billion and an OS of 1.09 billion. However, 968 million of these shares are restricted leaving a float of only 143 million shares. The company’s OS has increased from 738 million shares in September of 2021 to 961 million shares in December of 2021, but this appears to be from its increasing number of restricted shares.

SNWR Stock Forecast

Despite its potentially disruptive approach to marketing and distribution, SNWR has not caught the eye of many penny stock investors yet. Meanwhile many Indie artists are starting to take notice of SNWR’s platform and with these new revenue streams, SNWR could become one of the OTC’s undervalued stocks at its market cap of only $8.7 million.

However, like most disruptive technology it may take a while for Intercept’s services to be adopted by a large portion of the music industry. But as SNWR produces more successful artists and partnerships while expanding its service offering, it could emerge as a profitable long-term hold. In this way, SNWR is positioning itself as an up and coming player in the music industry.

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