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VIZC Stock – Pharma Merger Around The Corner

VIZC Stock

VizConnect, Inc. (OTC: VIZC) is a consulting company that helps companies by providing them with business development consulting. Although the company has not shared any news since last November, VIZC stock is landing on investors’ watchlists as the company is preparing to move into a new business direction. As one of the few audited dormant companies in the OTC, VIZC could be well-positioned to secure a profitable merger – making VIZC stock one to watch this week.

VIZC Stock News

Despite announcing a new business direction and promising updates and PRs last November, VIZC remained dormant as the company failed to deliver on its promises. Despite this, VIZC is gaining momentum at the moment after the company shared its intention to venture into a new business direction in its Q2 report. In this report, VIZC shared that it is targeting certain industries that the company is confident would provide value to its shareholders. 

The main industry VIZC is focused on is the pharma industry where the company intends to invest in healthcare technologies, online pharmacies, pharma manufacturing, Abbreviated New Drug Application (ANDA) acquisitions and IT Healthcare Solutions. To facilitate these plans, VIZC intends to launch a pharma manufacturing company and build out a pharma manufacturing and distribution framework. In addition, the company plans to explore opportunities to manufacture private label products which could help the company realize significant revenues to fund its future endeavors. Considering that the pharma industry is expected to grow to $957.5 billion by 2028, this venture could position VIZC stock for significant growth in the long-term.

As the pharma company grows, VIZC plans to launch ANDA and hemp programs – which would allow the company to capitalize on the rapidly growing hemp industry. To achieve this, VIZC will look for opportunities to purchase ANDAs and invest in facilities for seed cultivation, hemp farming, and crop drying. If the company is then able to raise $1.2 million, VIZC plans to further invest in the ANDA and hemp industries. In addition to these plans, VIZC is currently looking for further investment opportunities in AI, ML, fintech, and crypto. Considering the growth potential of these sectors, VIZC stock is shaping to be a profitable one to hold in anticipation of these plans to roll out.

With the company yet to announce its merger target to venture into the pharma industry, many investors are bullish VIZC could secure a profitable merger. This is mainly due to VIZC being one of the few OTC shell companies with audited financials. If the company is able to secure such a profitable merger, VIZC stock could be a bargain at its current PPS. In light of this, VIZC could be one to hold onto in anticipation of more updates.

With this in mind, investors are bullish on VIZC stock’s future prospects given the experience of the company’s CEO Paul Cooleen. With vast experience in Wall Street, Cooleen has more than 20 years of experience as an interdealer broker in the bond market and helped build a successful treasury bill desk until 2003. Prior to this role, Cooleen started his career as a mortgage bond and CDS/ABX index at Cantor Fitzgerald’s subsidiary – BGC Partners. Based on Cooleen’s vast experience, VIZC stock could be on track for substantial growth under his leadership in anticipation of the roll out of the company’s roadmap.

Media Sentiment

@og_tigress is anticipating more updates regarding VIZC’s potential ventures.

@SuperRobotOTC expects VIZC to secure a profitable merger similar to Golden Developing Solutions, Inc. (OTC: DVLP).

Technical Analysis

VIZC stock chart

VIZC stock is currently trading at $.0008 and has supports at .0007 and .0004. The stock also shows resistances near .0011 and .0016. With more and more investors taking notice of the company’s future plans, VIZC stock soared more than 120% since last week. As anticipation is brewing for the company’s pharma merger, VIZC stock could be one to hold in anticipation of more news. VIZC recently retested its MA support and rebounded off it. For this reason, VIZC could be poised for another run if this support holds. With this in mind, bullish investors could find a good entry point near $.0007 which has shown previously to be a strong support.

VIZC stock chart

Accumulation is continuing its upward trend as many investors are holding VIZC stock in anticipation of more updates. Meanwhile, the MACD recently turned bearish and the RSI cooled off slightly from 55 to 49. In light of these indicators, VIZC appears to be poised for a run soon especially if the company releases news. As for its share structure, VIZC has an AS of 5 billion and an OS of 4.6 billion which leaves little room for dilution.

VIZC Stock Forecast

Although the company has been dormant for a while now, VIZC stock appears to be on the right track to provide value to its shareholders as the company is working to venture into the pharma industry. At the same time, VIZC is planning to venture into the ANDA and hemp sectors to position itself in these growing markets. Investors are also bullish on VIZC’s plans to explore opportunities in the AI, ML, fintech, and crypto sectors given the growing interest in these industries. Through these ventures, VIZC could be well-positioned for financial growth once it moves forward with its roadmap. As investors anticipate more updates regarding the pharma merger, VIZC stock could be one to hold in anticipation of more updates.

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