Viper networks, Inc. is a worldwide leader, manufacturing and distributing a range of high quality LED lighting products and integrated system markets for smart city projects. They serve local and commercial, national and international customers. In addition, they develop intelligent lighting solutions with camera, sensor, and wireless technologies as well as manufacturing and distributing LED street lights, parking lot lighting, and indoor lighting products. As well as providing-in partnership with Apollo Metro-LED solutions, they provide multi-vendor managed service and solutions to telecommunication service providers of various networks in the Middle East and Africa. The Company provides engineering services for planning, network expansion and managed services to various telecom operators and vendors with engineering support services. Moreover, Its services include site survey for network planning and designing for the telecom network, drive test and network optimization, installation of telecommunication system, managed service and maintenance services, telecommunications assistance work, radio frequency (RF) and microwave site survey and planning, and voice over Internet protocol (VOIP) network design and implementation. The company was founded in 1983 and is based in Troy, Michigan. For the time being, the company is making new announcements regarding all corporate activities along with new partnerships and joint ventures aiming at being a promising stock.

Management team

Farid Shoukani: The GM and Director, a Business and product development with international business relation. He holds the position of President, CEO, CFO, Secretary & Treasurer of Viper Networks, Inc. In addition, he has received an undergraduate degree and a graduate degree from Florida Institute of Technology, Inc.

Roland Weaver: The Secretary and Director, who runs and manages the day-to-day operations of the business.

Charles Graham: The Director of Corporate Operations

Paul Goss: Legal Council and Member of Advisory Board, who provides non-binding strategic advice to the management of a corporation, organization, or foundation.

Donald Sinnar: Senior Vice President of Worldwide Sales, who  associates  a community of interest among sales force effectiveness thought leaders, consultants, academics, and sales management practitioners across many industries. 

Nabil Youkana: Senior Vice President, who supervises Vice Presidents and managers and evaluates each department’s performance. He also ensures employees compliance with company policies.

Tom Otrok: President of International Operation, who is an organizational leader that uses his experience and education to make decisions to ensure an organization is profitable and sustainables

Ibrahim Kaftaro: President of Construction, who is responsible for setting up measurable standards of performance for each department and measuring that performance against established goals. Having such an amazing management makes them increasingly a promising stock.

Key Data

Sector: commercial and local customers

Industry: manufacturing and distributing  LED lighting products and integrated system markets for smart city project

Market Cap: 102.539M

Share Volume: 42,355,384-Mar 17, 2021

Average Volume: 239,313,339



Twitter: 7,143 Followers

On Twitter, they are fairly responsive. What makes them a promising stock is that they keep their followers updated and engaged. They normally post twice a day, six to seven days a week. They post every action, update, declaration and their opinions regarding the stock market.

Gaining “Current” Status

Viper networks, Inc has cut a long way since its foundation by submitting all the needed financials with all the required information to the OTC Markets for 2019 and 2020. Their information included the financial statement, disclosure statement, attorney letter and the company profile. In addition, it has officially gained “Current” Status in the OTC market which will prompt countless announcements highlighting all corporate activities, including new partnerships and joint ventures (JV) and all current and upcoming projects and the projected revenues. This will lead to increasing the visibility and constructing trust. It will also be a great aid to the investors as it will help them understand the company’s business better with its operations and prospects. Moreover, they are also cutting down the internal debt and decreasing the interest rate to 10% until it is paid. All of these improvements have been widely received positively by the investors. Shortly after gaining  “Current” Status,  confirmed by Mr, Shouekani, Viper Networks CEO, that  their upcoming revenues for 2021-especially  the third and fourth- are as different as night and day. He added that they are certainty living in exciting times and VPER shareholders should know that their Company is aiming at being a global leader in positive change, which makes them a promising stock.

Developing  smart Air Quality monitoring systems

Nowadays, air quality monitoring systems are receiving massive attention with the increasing development in industry and transportation making them a promising stock as they measure the concentration of air pollutants, wind speed, direction, and other weather parameters. That being said, Viper networks, Inc. with the help of their hardware and software engineering developments have developed smart Air Quality monitoring systems. Their final design will be presented by the end of April or earlier which will massively add to monitoring  and controlling air pollution and will for sure have a positive impact on the environment. It will be presented  to Los Angeles County officials; aiding the community of Porter Ranch in monitoring methane gas levels from the Aliso Canyon Gas Facility as a part of a $25 million health study for Los Angeles County. Aliso canyon is one of Californis’s biggest energy storage assets serving more than 11 million customers and providing fuel to 17 natural gas-fired power plants. The company expresses their willingness to help LA County in addressing their critical health and infrastructure needs and are certainly delighted with the increased attention and opportunities. Their  systems are considered a start for a larger smart city platform which will contain a variety of features with wireless Mesh sensors, infrared, cameras and video. Such actions have resulted in an increased attention which will create  more opportunities for the company both nationally and internationally. 

Agreements and partnerships

Moreover, Viper network, Inc is expanding by having several partnerships and agreements with different companies and countries. For example, its partnerships with both Apollo Metro Solutions, Inc. and Apollo INT’L SAL. And, its agreements with Liquid Telecom, Telcom, and Safaricom. Also, it has successfully founded additional Worldwide offices in Nairobi, Kenya for the East African region, and Johannesburg, South Africa for the South African region.  Expanding internationally provides different chances in reaching and affecting different territories and markets. As heightening and highlighting the company’s success, it provides a new energy efficient production venue. Viper network, Inc. is certainly experiencing exciting times and VPER shareholders should know that their Company is aiming at being a global leader in positive change which makes them a promising stock.

promising future

As current improvements have resulted in increasing the attention and creating opportunities for even more growth and developments, the company is shortly featuring new products and functions. And they are determined on providing fully adequate current information as to become fully compliant with the OTC Market. Not to mention  that they have already started announcing future corporate activities, new partnerships and joint ventures and all current activities  and anticipated project revenues, just shortly after gaining “Current” status. As confirmed by Mr. Shouekani, Viper Networks CEO, who stated that  their upcoming revenues for 2021- especially  the third and fourth- are as different as night and day. He added that they are certainty living in exciting times and VPER shareholders should know that their Company is aiming at being a global leader in positive change, thus making them a promising stock. For more information about other stocks click here.

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