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YS Stock – Undervalued Biotech Stocks?

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After getting approval to start its phase 3 clinical trial for PIKA, its rabies vaccine candidate in Pakistan, YS Biopharma Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: YS) is one of the biotech stocks to watch this week as the company is set to participate in the Virtual Benchmark Healthcare House Call Conference on May 23, 2023, to discuss its progress regarding its various products and clinical trials. Any new announcement may be grounds for YS stock to run due to its low float. YS also released very positive Q1 preliminary financial results earlier this year recording 30% YoY growth thanks to its rabies vaccine YSJA.

YS Stock News

New announcements may be awaiting YS investors as the company’s CEO, Dr. David Shao, will participate in the upcoming Virtual Benchmark Healthcare House Call Conference on May 23. Therefore, there is a chance that the conference will feature new announcements, in which case, YS stock could soar thanks to its low float of 20.75 million shares.

A contributing factor to this low float is an agreement to lock up the SPAC insiders’ shares for 12 months ending in March 2024, or if the YS stock price reached $12. The lock-up and the $12 price point show that SPAC insiders are confident in YS’ future. 

Amongst biotech stocks, YS stock is setting nicely with multiple products in its pipeline – two of which are in phase 3 trials before filing for approval in multiple Asian countries. YS’ PIKA Rabies Vaccine is expected to start phase 3 trials in Singapore, the Philippines, and Pakistan in 2023, with Pakistan approving the start of its phase 3 trials earlier this month.

YS’ ability to secure clearance to manufacture and sell the PIKA Rabies Vaccine in Pakistan would be a game-changer for Pakistanis. There are approximately 300,000 cases of dog bites occurring on average each year in Pakistan, there is also a shortage of rabies vaccines in the country at the moment, which results in an average annual death toll of 5,000 people. The shortage in rabies vaccines in Pakistan marks a huge untapped market in which YS can operate.

The new PIKA Rabies Vaccine has the potential to become the first accelerated three-visit one-week regimen, superior to the currently available vaccine with a five-visit one-month or three-visit three-week regimen. It is also expected that the trials will include a total of 4,500 subjects, and more advanced clinical trials are planned in China.

If phase 3 trials are successful, YS intends to submit a New Drug Application or Biologics License Application for PIKA Rabies Vaccine to regulatory authorities in China and countries in Asia and other continents. In this way, YS might be able to drastically grow its revenues over the coming years.

Another product in YS’ pipeline is the PIKA Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine, which is in its phase 3 clinical trial in both the UAE and the Philippines. The trial demonstrated superior antibody neutralization responses compared to inactivated COVID-19 vaccine in phase 2 head-to-head clinical studies. Additionally, the trial met its primary and secondary key endpoint of superior immunogenicity of PIKA COVID-19 Vaccine vs inactivated COVID-19 vaccine.

Biotech Stocks

Earlier this year, YS announced its preliminary financial results for 2022, where the company reported record revenues of $103 million from only its leading rabies vaccine, YSJA – representing 30% YoY growth. With PIKA Rabies Vaccine and PIKA Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine being in their phase three trials, YS can increase its revenue exponentially if it can gain approval to market its new products and start selling them alongside YSJA, its lone money maker at the moment.

Media Sentiment

@Dehix_Trades believes YS stock can break $1.5 soon.

Technical Analysis

Biotech stock YS stock chart

YS stock trend is bearish with the stock trading in a downward channel. Looking at the indicators the stock is trading above the 21 MA which is a bullish indication, and is trading below the 200 MA which is a bearish indication, and is currently testing the 50 MA, and the MACD is approaching a bearish crossover.

Biotech stock YS stock chart

As for the fundamentals, like most biotech stocks, YS stock’s catalysts depend on trial results and approvals. With that in mind, YS stock just witnessed a catalyst in its phase 3 trials approval for its PIKA Rabies Vaccine in Pakistan. YS also announced positive preliminary financial results for Q1 2023 earlier this year and is expected to participate in the upcoming Virtual Benchmark Healthcare House Call Conference on May 23, in which it may reveal new announcements. With that in mind, investors could find a good entry on retests of the 50 MA ahead of the conference call on May 23.

YS Stock Forecast

YS seems to be on the verge of witnessing multiple catalysts in the future. With its leading product in the Chinese market, YSJA, the rabies vaccine, achieving estimated record revenues in China and the multiple products in its pipeline, two of which are in their phase 3 trials.

If YS can finish its phase 3 trials and gain approval to market its PIKA Rabies Vaccine and PIKA Recombinant COVID-19 Vaccine candidates, that can mark a huge catalyst for the YS stock and boost YS’ position as a leader in the rabies vaccine market. Unlike some other biotech stocks, YS already has a profitable product on the market, which minimizes the risk of dilution in the future to finance the research of new vaccines. In light of this, YS stock is certainly one of the biotech stocks to watch this year.

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